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USE alien problems!!!!(8 posts)

USE alien problems!!!!YoungRcR
Nov 17, 2001 1:29 PM
That damn clamp is a b*tch. I am trying to adjust it and i pulled the bolts out almost all the way and was tapping the piss out of the bolts and it wouldnt budge. Any suggestions?
re: USE alien problems!!!!CT1
Nov 17, 2001 1:50 PM
You have to "pop" the pinch blocks apart. It's pretty easy if you have a saddle with a cut-out like the SI TransAm. You will have to get a large screw driver or similar tool to wedge the blocks apart. DO NOT TAP ON THE BOLTS!!!!

Oh, this seatpost is a ROYAL PAIN to get adjusted. You will have to tighten the tiny screws a bunch of times to get the damn thing "seated".

re: USE alien problems!!!!Torzi
Nov 17, 2001 4:18 PM
I've had many seats on and off my post.When adjusting saddle position it helps to mark the location of the center piece so you have a referance to adjust from (I use a pencil mark.When loosening the two tiny bolts back them out about 1/8 inch and use the short side of a 90 degree alein wrench so you can use the long siide to keep the wrench directly in line with the bolt.then tap the wrench with a small hammer(you also need to hold the seat or post when you hit it so the energy of the hammer isn't just moving the post forward.this works for me hope it helps
re: USE alien problems!!!!CT1
Nov 17, 2001 4:37 PM
Sorry, IMHO I JUST DON'T AGREE with your method. Those tiny screws were NOT ment to be 'hammered' on. I KNOW you have done it many times but I just don't like it. ;-)

Thanks for the info on the reposition process. I still think this type clamp is somewhat problematic. The clamp design tends to creep quite a bit..... and I have to retighten the tiny screws multiple times after a saddle change.

I'm torn over recommending this post. It is VERY trick looking but it's a real pain to adjust. One more minor deal.... my saddle has a tiny tilt to one side after my "final" adjustment. I'm wondering if the clamp is "goofed". :(

re: USE alien problems!!!! Tap the alein wrenchTorzi
Nov 18, 2001 9:25 AM
Sorry I meant say to tap the alein wrench not the machine screw heads.use the long end of the wrench to hold the wrench while the small end is in the head of the bolt Torzi
re: USE alien problems!!!!Sharky
Nov 17, 2001 5:20 PM
Try tapping the clamp with a rubber mallet gently. Then it usually pops loose and scatters. I mark the desired spot with a pencil and then tighten with the nose a little down. After the first few rides when you continuously tighten the bolts the nose tends to go up, at least on mine. These are light and absorb a lot of vibrations but are a real pain to adjust. Put a level on your saddle every couple of weeks to make sure it hasnt changed much. Can't anyone design a light carbon seatpost with a decent clamp?
Campy---196gr----nmBicycle Bill
Nov 17, 2001 6:00 PM
WR CompositiDMoore
Nov 17, 2001 10:06 PM
Lightweight, around 155 grams. Also sold by Pinarello at considerably inflated price. The seatpost adjustment is a bolt and a nut. I've had one for two years. Put in on the bike, adjusted it, and haven't touched it since. And it's continuously adjustible, unlike the Campy post that is notched and limits your ability to make fine adjustments. Not to knock Campy's design (I have two Record carbons and a Record Ti as well) but the WR design really is quite nice.