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What keeps you motivated in Winter???(10 posts)

What keeps you motivated in Winter???turtlemoye
Nov 16, 2001 4:10 PM
After unsucessfully sneaking out of work early to go for a ride (about 74* and no wind in NC) I left work at 5:45(in the dark) and dreaded the idea of doing another ride on the trainer( I know real rodies ride rollers). As I ploped down on the couch and turned on the TV to my amazement the movie "American Flyers" was on and promted me to get off my ass and ride as I watched the movie.

My point or question is: what keeps you motivated when trying to ride indoors other that cycling videos and music?

I'm a little north of you and ...Humma Hah
Nov 16, 2001 4:53 PM
... I'm motivated by real riding. I don't even own rollers, haven't been on the stationary bike in years. I ride every day, commuting, come home in the dark, and a few 25-degree mornings have not even come CLOSE to being too cold (in fact, I arrive at work sweating with it that warm!).

The computer at home is part of my motivation. I'm tracking my mileage, and keeping my riding on or above my projected goal lines is really motivating me to get in a few more miles whenever I can. The goals are pretty modest, 80 per week, but that's rain or shine or cold or whatever.
the first 2002 USCF district 42 race in February (nm)jacques
Nov 16, 2001 5:18 PM
re: What keeps you motivated in Winter???guido
Nov 16, 2001 7:22 PM
I feel for ya man. It would drive me crazy.

The last snowy winter spent in D.C., did weight work on the days I couldn't ride. The idea was to tone up muscles neglected in cycling: shoulders, arms, and trunk or "core" muscles. Eddy B. had a routine based on total weight lifted. You'd add up all the reps, multiply by the weight lifted, and get a total. At first you'd go for 10,000 pounds, then increase over the weeks to 15,000 pounds. The idea was high reps with light weights, and limited recovery times, so you'd get your heartrate up. I could still ride at least once a week average, and would try to do a nice 4 or 5 hour ride on Sundays.

Rode better that spring than any other year.
re: What keeps you motivated in Winter???DINOSAUR
Nov 16, 2001 7:57 PM
I get some of my best rides in the winter. It seldom snows here in the Nor Cal foothills but the temperature can get down in the 40's during the day. Windchill factor can be 20 degrees when descending. The only thing that stops me is rain. Maybe after being stuck in the house a couple of days after a storm I feel motivated to get out. Nothing like a good ride on a crisp winter day when the sun is out. Having good cold weather gear is a must have. Of course having the luxury of being retired, I can pick the time I want to ride, usually it's late morning, close to noon. Less traffic in the winter also, it makes the ride more enjoyable...
The sunny 70 degree tempsspookyload
Nov 17, 2001 8:43 AM
We here in the panhandle of Florida suffer through the summers of 98% humidity just to get to the 70 degree falls and winters. Today I rode in shorts and a short sleeve jersey along the beach. It was so beautiful. Below is a picture of my ride. Sorry to the people huddled around a T.V. on their trainer, but you had a beautiful summer to ride in.
re: What keeps you motivated in Winter???mithrandir
Nov 17, 2001 4:11 PM
I live in the mid-west, so my winters suck. What keeps me in shape and motivated in Spinning. I do that about 4 days per week. It keeps me in shape and social.
First of all it ain't winter yet. Secondly cooler weather isMB1
Nov 17, 2001 5:23 PM
easier to deal with than hot humid weather. In the winter you can easily adjust your clothing to the conditions. In the summer you can only take so many clothes off. As far as darkness goes there are so many excellent lighting options available there is almost no excuse to not ride.

In the fall & winter the sky is often clear and dry, dehydration is not much of a problem, the roads are nearly empty of other cyclists and drivers and other non-cyclists tend to treat you with more respect often thinking that you must be pretty tough to be out in these harsh conditions. Little do they know that this is the best time of the year to ride!

FYI we just got in from what is becoming our standard 130 mile Saturday ride.
re: What keeps you motivated in Winter???tarwheel
Nov 17, 2001 8:52 PM
I live in NC and ride right through the winter, although I do hit the spin cycle classes when it's rainy, snowy or just too cold and windy. The main problem now is the short days, but you can get around that with a decent lighting system. I don't have one yet, but plan to buy one soon. I have been getting around the short days by bringing my bike to work and riding at lunch, bugging out a little early when I've got extra comp time, and going for longer rides on the weekends. I've also started riding at night one day a week with some friends in our downtown, which is pretty empty at night and well-lit with streetlights. As far as the colder temperatures, you just need to buy some cold-weather gear -- a wind-resistant vest, long-sleeve jerseys (or armwarmers), tights or legwarmers, windbreaker, full-finger gloves, etc. Performance Bike has a lot of that stuff on sale right now. It really helps. Some decent sunglasses or eyewear also helps a lot as the cold temps can really make your eyes water.
re: What keeps you motivated in Winter???STEELYeyed
Nov 18, 2001 4:24 PM
Thinking about starting conditioning from scratch after taking 3 or 4 months off the bike keeps me going all winter,its just to painful to get to mid-season form starting from zero. Get some good cold weather gear and tough it out,I heard cold weather conditioning burns more calories,although I can't back that up,can anyone varify that?