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magnesium frames?(6 posts)

magnesium frames?international
Nov 16, 2001 1:43 PM
What does anyone know about the m,agnesium alloy frames, particularly the ones made by "Magnesium Litech Kft.". I heard they are really light and great for riding. And the prices seem to be not as big as usual.
Please, see more info here - _-_;;:
re: magnesium frames?Js Haiku Shop
Nov 16, 2001 1:49 PM
check this previous thread for more info:

brikachok "2.31 lbs. for 48 cm frame - is this racing?" 11/11/01 9:56am
who'd you hear it from?filtersweep
Nov 16, 2001 2:32 PM
I'm just curious.... My natural assumption is that if magnesium was all that great, the usual suspected would be putting out magnesium... and they don't, so I assume there is a reason.

It's really not "that light" compared to other frames- not that you can get much lighter.
didn't Mg have a specific problem?cory
Nov 16, 2001 3:46 PM
can't remember what it was, but there was a magnesium frame made by, um, Kirk??, a few years ago. Looked zoomy and was supposedly light and stiff, but it seems like the metal had some inherent problem that killed it. Found some pictures online a few months ago, if anybody's interested:
Two Problemsgrzy
Nov 16, 2001 4:09 PM
1. you can't put it out once it cathces on fire (burns at 5,000 or 6,000) - obviously a non-issue unless you get hit by a gasoline tanker truck. Probably wouldn't matter any way.

2. magnesiium tends to fracture and needs to be inspected frequently for cracks. That's why wheels from racing cars were routinely "magna-fluxed". maybe you can get a deal at your local motor head place or at a military aircraft maintenance faciltiy.

Ask yourself what it is that you're trying to do and how a magnesium frame helps.
Nov 17, 2001 5:44 PM
These were not-that-fondly nicknamed 'Black and Decker Workmates', and hit their peak of popularity sometime around '90, I'd guess. They developed an even worse reputation for fatigue failures than their Vitus and Specialised (bonded carbon) contemporaries, both of which were popular amongst the more daring riders in my locale.

One guy had a white and flouro pink fade Kirk... he wore a faded team Z skinsuit with it (grey/yellow), in winter, and a glorious Malcolm Elliott mullet to finish. A truly fabulous look, dahling.