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700c X 23 vs. 700c X 20(6 posts)

700c X 23 vs. 700c X 20Mr.T
Nov 14, 2001 10:54 PM
Could anyone tell me the pros and cons regarding these tire sizes...I weigh about 140lbs...some people been telling me to switch to the 20s because I like to climb...but what's the down side?
thanks in advance for the help.............t
re: 700c X 23 vs. 700c X 20O Bvious
Nov 15, 2001 1:40 AM
There is no up side, save for a minisule weight saving which you may benefit from depending on the state of your bladder, whether you had that other natcho last night etc.

Downside - harsher and more tiring ride, greater chance of pinch flats/rim dinks, faster tyre wear, less grip on the road.

Stick with the 23s.
Not much difference. More between brands than sizes.MB1
Nov 15, 2001 6:55 AM
Tire size markings are pretty much meaningless with as small a difference as 3mm. There is a much bigger difference between brands of tires than these sizes of tires.

If you want some performance improvement look at the weights of your tires, tubes and rimstrips. I'd run a lighter tire & tube in a 23 or 25 width. Keep an eye on and experiment with your air pressure too-try running a little more in the rear than the front for comfort and performance.
re: 700c X 23 vs. 700c X 20Woof the dog
Nov 17, 2001 1:47 AM
To make it short:
Good because some 20c go to higher pressure and therefore offer a more airdynamic profile, smaller contact patch and therefore less rolling resistance. Higher pressure of narrower tires more than makes up for higher contact patch area pressure. If you are that light you will not have any pinch flats. Setup may be lighter but not significantly. like 20-40 grams lighter. Thats nothing really.

A bit worse for criterium corners because they are narrower and if you pump them up to a lower pressure to have more grip, you will gain more rolling resistance (bad) because its narrower contact patch and therefore higher pressure put on it. If you leave the tire really pumped up, you may either slide out because of road imperfections when close to your lean maximum or get really scared hearing your tires go trrrr. At your weight, just don't pump them to a too high of a pressure. See, I am using Vredestein Fortezza 20c tires as an example. They go up to 160 psi, great for straight courses, not so much for bumpy tight turn races like criteriums. So for a criterium I would pump them up to 130 to 140 psi (i am guessing). Just make sure your tires will have an ability to absorb bumps better. Another downside is, again, less contact area when sprinting, since your spin ain't so perfect anymore. When going up a wet road your rear may slip, especially on a more slippery patch, but that again depends on the pressure. Narrower tires seem to wear a tiny bit quicker, but its not as bad as some individuals may lead you to think. That about covers it. I hope you have fun with your 20c tires.
Good luck

Woof the dog
re: 700c X 23 vs. 700c X 20Woof the dog
Nov 17, 2001 1:48 AM
addition: lighter by 20 to 40 grams (I am guesstimating) for both wheels! Thats about a weight of a replaceable deraillure hanger.
re: 700c X 23 vs. 700c X 20hslilly
Nov 17, 2001 3:44 PM
But its rotating so its ~2x the static weight. Give or take.
And theres no price diff.
But hey, I could lose 5 times that on my right cheek