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Benefits of using a stationary exercise bike?(5 posts)

Benefits of using a stationary exercise bike?Rick S
Nov 14, 2001 11:56 AM
I'd like to get a trainer to cure the winter blues, however I'm considering purchasing a home exercise bike instead because it could be used by other members of my family.

A couple of questions - Will the benefits gained by using a stationary bike transfer to my road riding? What would be the diference between using a trainer and an exercise bike?

Thanks for your help!
2 thingsxyz
Nov 14, 2001 12:06 PM
1. on the stationary bike you won't get wet when it rains
2. your fred factor will go up as you ride all squirrely in the peloton
re: Benefits of using a stationary exercise bike?brider
Nov 14, 2001 12:19 PM
Strength benefits will spill over onto road riding, but as xyz pointed out, it won't help handling. But then again, NO stationary bike (whether a trainer or otherwise) will help with handling. For that, you'd want to use rollers, but that would again preclude other family members from using them. If you can duplicate your road position on the stationary bike (with the same type of saddle and handlebars), then there really will be no difference between a trainer and a stationary. However, most stationaries have tractor seats and very upright bars. Kreitler and Reebok make good units that can be adjusted well, have standard road bend bars, and will accept a standard road saddle.
Check out spinning bikesMel Erickson
Nov 14, 2001 12:45 PM
Bikes like the Schwinn Spinner models (Elite, Pro, Comp) can mimic your bike position and be adjusted for other family members. IMHO spinning bikes are better than conventional stationary bikes. They're kinda like a fixed gear bike. Do other family members have bikes? If so, have you considered a trainer? Many models are easy to switch from one bike to another.
re: Benefits of using a stationary exercise bike?noupi
Nov 14, 2001 2:36 PM
Go to used equipment sites and get a used set of rollers for you ( the best for winter training)
And a used stationary bike for the rest of your family..
Everybody will be happy and in shape at low cost :-)