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A bit more regarding the 'politician'(3 posts)

A bit more regarding the 'politician'John-d
Nov 14, 2001 6:25 AM
I thought I would add my two pennies worth.

Below is my message to and reply from BC regarding cycling in London.

"My views on cycling are well known , I have campaigned against cycle lanes for many years and funnily enough still win elections

"Dowie, John" wrote:


I ave just seen on an international cycling forum a copy of your response egarding cycling in London.

Your comments seem to me to almost border on being offensive. Do you really think that roads were 'built for cars'? I am afraid that it is attitudes like yours that prevent full use of public transport and cycling facilities, as it is a negative and off-putting approach to London's transport problems.

The solution lies very much in the hands of you and other influential people, so if you are unwilling to be a little more pro-active, election time can be used to find someone who is.

Just in case you think that this matter is the ranting of a few cycling nerds, be aware that when the TDF visited England, more than 2.5 million people were reported to have turned out to watch it from the roadside

John Dowie
That must be war surely? nmmuncher
Nov 14, 2001 6:28 AM
Nov 14, 2001 7:29 AM
we need all the help we can get - the guy, despite other threads, is a moron