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Chondromalacia - follow up(6 posts)

Chondromalacia - follow upclimbo
Nov 13, 2001 10:36 AM
So it seems better. I did some icing treatment on and off on the Friday on the way down to the races and it went through no problems the whole weekend. Hopefully this means it won't come back immediately but I'll know what it is if it does. Thanks to all who offered advice last week.
re: Chondromalacia - follow upmorey
Nov 13, 2001 10:40 AM
I am glad icing worked. Chondromalacia can be a persistent problem. It is good advice to see an orthopod if it continues.
re: Chondromalacia - it's killing me!!!Landsharkrider
Nov 13, 2001 5:54 PM
Outstanding discussion thread. I have been suffering from this for the past 2 months. Went to my moron Gen Practitioner and he tried to diagnose and sent me to a Physical Therapist. (Aetna wanted me to go through with this before referral to an Ortho doctor - managed care really kicks ass!) Been to 8 appts between the two and they never even mentioned this. Once reading your discussion I went to WebMd and found it in 10 seconds.

Anyway, this sounds exactly like my problem. I have no pain whatsoever except after 20-30 minutes pedaling. Then if I stand or sprint (the only thing that brings me true happiness) it feels like someone drove a nail through my knee. I can sit and pedal all day long - but what fun is that?

Question is: will this go away with rest/inactivity. It's the end of the season and after this weekend (Supercup race) I plan on not touching a bike until January. Will it go away or is it likely to return when I start again? By the way, Vioxx 25mg does no good. Could be a placebo for all I can tell!

Any comments welcome as my Dr. is completely clueless. This has been a real downer so far and I'm afraid that it means the end of competitive cycling for me.
re: Chondromalacia - it's killing me!!!morey
Nov 14, 2001 4:06 AM
Chondromalacia is an overuse problem. However, it is persistent, and quite painful. A good orthopod will be a good idea if it continues. I would alternate heat and ice, 20 minutes of each. Anti-inflammatory's like Advil do work.
Chondromalacia will go away with rest.
Nov 14, 2001 9:33 AM
If it is Chrondomalacia that you are suffering from you may need to start specific exercises in combination with time off the bike to correct the problem. This condition is often caused by an imbalance in the Quad muscles and time alone won't always cure it. I've been suffering from Patello Femoral Syndrome for the last few months. It is similar to Chrondomalacia, and though I haven't ridden seriously since August the pain is still there because I can't afford to go to physical theropy. There are excersises available on the internet and they seem to be helping somewhat, but in my case rest alone didn't work. The first thing you should do is make sure that Chrondomalcia is the problem. It is often accompanied by crackling noises while bending the knee. Also, pain usually occurs after riding and can be felt around the knee cap and behind the knee. What you describe sounds like it could be tendonitis.
Hope this helps.
Nov 14, 2001 7:53 PM
I do have very pronounced and loud cracking in both knee joints (actually always have - though it's to a greater extent over the last few months). The pain usually persists for a couple of hours after riding but seems to go away after 2-3 hours.

Where on the net have you found the excercises used to combat this? Thanks.