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The 18 tooth Cog(6 posts)

The 18 tooth Cogflybyvine
Nov 13, 2001 1:57 AM
I hear a lot about people wanting an 18 tooth and had never really noticed what gears I was using so I started monitoring.

I found that on flat surfaces, on my own, with no wind, I would spin too high on the 19 but grind on the 17 (I run 12-25 C10). I really did feel like I wanted an 18. Obviously all this went out the window with a peleton or racing but is there really this 18 tooth following out there ?

re: The 18 tooth Cogmadbadger
Nov 13, 2001 3:00 AM
You bet there's an 18 tooth following out there! I find it really useful as a climbing gear 39x18, the gap between 19 & 17 as you say is significant. I remember Robert Millar in a UK magazine, think it's Procycling, going on about this phenomenon.

I've done away with my 12/25 10sp cluster & use 13/25 with the bottom 2 cogs swapped from the 12-25 set.

What I reaaally want is a Campag 12/23 10speed set up!
it's not the number 18 . . .jacques
Nov 13, 2001 3:13 AM
It looks to me as if you're simply becoming more and more aware of what you're doing and why you're doing it. Part of this is being able to feel the difference one tooth makes. (When you race and are constantly riding on the very edge of your abilities, you wish for half a tooth, believe me.)

I think the number 18 is more or less irrelevant. You need something like a 12-21 or 12-23 for flat terrain, and a different cogset for the hills. It's not that big a deal to change cogsets if you have the tools.

You're becoming a good rider.
Love my 18McAndrus
Nov 13, 2001 5:43 AM
I went to some trouble to rearrange my 9-speed loose cog Campy cassette to accomodate an 18 tooth cog. It was one of the best moves I ever made. Now I run a 12-21 with the only two-tooth step the 19-21.

It has been a great help in fast group rides. As Jacques said, sometimes I wish for a half-tooth jump but such things cannot be.
18 is my favorite cog (nm)Kerry Irons
Nov 13, 2001 5:50 PM
re: The 18 tooth CogCT1
Nov 13, 2001 8:01 PM
I posted a long deal on how to build a custom 12X23 C10 cassette a while ago.
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23 Sooooo schweeet!

It was a pain building this cassette but it was SOOOOO worth it.

I use the 18 more than any other gear and find that my new cassette allows me to hammer much "easier". The 17-19 jump is too much for me when I'm hammering.