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removing pedals, help!(8 posts)

removing pedals, help!pedaler
Nov 12, 2001 4:43 PM
I am trying to remove my pedals, but can not get them off. I am using a pedal wrench, and applying force in the correct direction. Should I just give up and take it the shop, or are there any secret tricks to getting the suckers off. thanks!
Whack the wrench with a hammer.Hi Life
Nov 12, 2001 4:47 PM
You do know that the left pedal loosens CLOCKWISE?
re: removing pedals, help!TheMaxx
Nov 12, 2001 4:56 PM
You need to get as much leverage as you can. We used to have this metal pipe that was about 4 feet long, and it was just big enough to fit around the pedal wrench. You don't even need to crank on it, just the additional length helps. I have no idea where the metal pipe came from, but I'm sure you can find something else to get more leverage.
re: removing pedals, help!bikerduder
Nov 12, 2001 5:19 PM
Try spraying WD-40 around the bolt from both sides. Let it sit for a little while b/4 you whack it with a hammer or use a cheater bar. When you re-attach (assuming you ever get them off!), grease the threads and don't overtighten them. I usually take mine off once every month or two to check them out, clean and to make sure they haven't become permanently attached.
this works for meKStone
Nov 12, 2001 5:30 PM
Remove the bike from any stand and put in on the floor on it's wheels and lean it against a wall or something. With a 8-12 inch block of wood(2x4)back pedal until the wood is between the floor and the inverted pedal. Now you can wack the pedal wrench in the correct direct without tranfering the force to the frame, BB, or bending something expensive! Much safer than the long pipe method mentioned.

Once you've loosened the pedal remove the block of wood and spin off the pedal.

Pedals can be tightened the same way.

this works for mepedaler
Nov 12, 2001 6:04 PM
Thanks, the block of wood and a few raps with the hammer is all it took.

Thanks for the input :)
Nov 13, 2001 5:22 AM
The pedals which have "L"(left) or "D"(droite) on the spindle right by the cranks are left-hand threads. You loosen them clockwise.
Nov 13, 2001 8:28 AM
Thanks man.... That's nice to know.