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Whenever I might become just a bit too proud of my Pegoretti(4 posts)

Whenever I might become just a bit too proud of my Pegorettibill
Nov 12, 2001 8:22 AM
I am taken down a peg (so to speak) by the comments of strangers. This should be particularly funny to those on this board who thought that I took it all a bit seriously when an LBS expressed no interest in my new ride. The most common reaction to my shiny new Italian exotica has been:
"Nice Peugot!"
Same thing with my Serotta MTB and VaMootsTony Edwards
Nov 12, 2001 8:43 AM
Every once in a while a savvy shop dude or dudette is very impressed by my Serotta ATi MTB (similar to today's Colorado Hard Tail) or my Moots VaMoots, but for the most part they disregard it and go back to ogling the latest Gary Fisher/Specialized catalog. At least some of them recognize Moots from the pages of Mountain Bike Action, but the Serotta (a significantly rarer, and, IMO, better bike) warrants no attention at all. Probably this is good for my moral fiber or something.
what's a Serotta MTB go for anyway?ColnagoFE
Nov 12, 2001 9:05 AM
Gotta be big bucks there. Sweet looking bikes though. Saw one that was special ordered at a road-only shop.
what's a Serotta MTB go for anyway?Tony Edwards
Nov 12, 2001 10:03 AM
I think the retail on the ATi/CHT frame is ~$2,900 (a relative bargain, given that their new ti/carbon Ottrott goes for . . . gulp . . . $4,300!). If one is inclined and able to spend that kind of cake I think the bike compares well to the Seven Sola or Merlin ExtraLight Mountain, and the Colorado Concept tubes work especially well on a mountain bike.

The only reason I was able to swing it is that a guy was selling it secondhand, brand-new with warranty card, for $1,000 through the VeloNews classifieds. He was also selling a LeMond/Carbonframes frameset and a Specialized Stumpjumper Epic Ultimate (the one with carbon tubes and Merlin ti lugs) for $1K each - three of the coolest bikes around, all in my size. Too bad my budget would only allow for one (and even then it was probably fiscally irresponsible, but my butt thanks me on the trails!).

Now I just crave a Seven Duo to complete my collection!