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Adding water bottle mounts?(6 posts)

Adding water bottle mounts?Dog
Nov 12, 2001 7:57 AM
Anyone have the website for a vendor of water bottle threaded mounts? I recall seeing some that you could add yourself without brazing - not the strap on type, but the kind that actually go inside the frame tubes. Thanks.

Here you goNessism
Nov 12, 2001 11:24 AM
If you can't find any locally I can send you some.
thanks; that's it! nmDog
Nov 12, 2001 11:35 AM
re: Adding water bottle mounts?ACE-
Nov 12, 2001 10:47 PM
Should be able to find them at a hardware store. They come in many sizes and threads.
Another option ...tarwheel
Nov 13, 2001 5:33 AM
I know you are not looking for the strap-on mounts, but here's one to consider anyway. I looked into adding some bosses to my mid-80s Bianchi, and was told that adding more bosses or mounts would require drilling into the frame and a new paint job. I didn't want to invest that much money just now. Instead, I got some Zefal "Gizmo" strap mounts from Excelsports for about $3. They are thin black nylon straps that are hardly noticeable and won't mar the paint on your frame. Easy to install, and you can use a regular water bottle cage. For $3, it might be worth checking out. There's a picture of my Bianchi in the photo section here, labeled "Bianchi Boy's Bianchi," if you want to see what it looks like.
..and ...breck
Nov 13, 2001 8:45 AM
and ...
B-52 cage mount for the liter Coke/ Pepsi water botts ..any mtb'ers remember these?

The Tri-Folks use the behind the saddle water bott duo mount, but you may have this already.

On my 1970 Nishiki Semi Pro put on the pipe-clamp style mounts but maybee a bit dorky now-a-daze, but they work and still on the old ride and required no drilling, etc.

Sounds like you're getting further and further down the road in enduro-riding :) Back in the early 90's mtb enduro days we would scout ahead and hide one gallon water botts on the remote desert rides. One bike-camping trip we pulled the Burley trailers loaded down with water and stuff, ~100 lbs. the trailer and load, for over nite remote jeep road camping in Borrego Bad Lands. We hooked the bikes up tandem with a rope snaked thru a piece of plastic tubing so it wouldn't droop, etc. for the grades. Wrote and posted the article in San Diego Cycling w/piks. Ritchey WCS aired-down 2.35 tyres ruled in them days for mountain and desert pre-suspension, though cholla and buzz tails (rattlers) were hard on 'em. .

east county, san diego