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jelly legs(2 posts)

jelly legsMJ
Nov 12, 2001 6:00 AM
so out for a ride yesterday with Muncher in the beautiful English countryside

we were making a run from Guildford to the coast at Portsmouth (via Midhurst & Chichester) 75 miles or so - it was a rolling route with some fairly steep and, for here in the SE UK, long uphill sections - needless to say there were quite a few downhills as well which proved the only saving grace on the whole day

the problem is - my legs weren't working like they normally do - usually I'm a mountain goat and climb beyond my ability and conditioning - but yesterday I had problems - I didn't have anything to give and was sapped from the beginning even on the flats - I couldn't climb out of the saddle at all - finally I found a 'desperate' climbing gearing/rhythm/cadence in my 42x23 which allowed me to grudgingly crawl to the top of hills - normally when I spin up hills it's not that low a gearing...

I couldn't even draft Muncher as his pace was too quick even on the flats - normally we're fairly even...

so I guess everybody has days like this? - and I know that the lack of sleep during the week, alcohol during the week and a late week bug probably didn't help - but it's very worrying to go out and be so far below your 'normal' fitness level; it knocked my confidence - after moving recently my commute is now shorter but I have been compensating by jogging in (4.5 miles) a couple of days per week - anybody have suggestions on how not to be jelly legged next time?
no, we've never had days like this, and, yes, we now all want tobill
Nov 12, 2001 11:18 AM
race you and kick your butt.
I've had a few rides where it just seemed as if I couldn't get anything going. Once it was because my brake caliper got twisted around and was hitting the rim, which ended up being pretty funny (I thought that I must have developed some terrible disease). Most times, however, I later realize that, although I thought I was going kind of slow and struggling, I actually had started out too fast and just burned up legs before I ever really warmed up.
Miles in, (rest), miles out. I think it's that simple. I don't think running helps or hurts. Running is just too different to make a difference. Just ask Dog.