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Adding bulk & stregnth(5 posts)

Adding bulk & stregnthSkinny muscle
Nov 11, 2001 4:56 PM
All right folks, I have a simple question for you.How can I add bulk to the muscles around the knee area without getting bodybuider thighs? Please don't debate over the issue of if this is necessary.

Thank you very much,

Non-muscular dude

PS- when you gain muscle and shed fat does the extra skin go away?
re: Adding bulk & stregnthdsc
Nov 11, 2001 10:08 PM
Squats and deadlifts for overall lower body strength. Please see the discussion on this board from 1 Nov. '01 for
additional info. on this subject.
To isolate the lower quads, just above the knees, do front leg extensions. Careful about locking out your knees at the top of the movement, though.

re: Adding bulk & stregnthpeloton
Nov 12, 2001 6:57 AM
I wouldn't worry about getting 'bodybuilder' thighs from lifting. You can make significant strength gains without any increase in mass. Not only that, but your genetics are highly dependent on how much mass you can put on. If you aren't already a fairly large individual, then the odds of you getting Arnold sized are pretty low.

When you talk about the 'knee area', I'm assuming that you are looking for a little more development of the quadriceps. Development like that lump on the inside of the knee the vastus medialus forms on a time trialist or sprinter, right? I would stick to lifts like the squat or lunges for building strength here. Leg extensions work the quadriceps well, but can irritate some knee conditions. Leg extensions also only work the quads, with no synergists short of some upper body stabilizers to keep you from lifting off the seat. Exercises that work mulitple muscle groups and multi joint exercises are better usages of your time for results recieved. Also remember to work on muscle balance. Don't forget your hamstrings when working the quads. Any time your work one muscle group, work the anatagonist to that group for balance. Flexibility training is also very important for making complete usage of the strength gains you make. I know I haven't made too many reccomendations for lifts here, but that is for a reason. Get a qualified physical trainer (one with a degree, CSCS cert is good too) and have them develop a program for you and show you how to do the exercises properly. Weight training is highly dependant on proper form, and you can create negative situations without proper form so make sure you have the best education for yourself for best results.
re: Adding bulk & stregnthbrider
Nov 12, 2001 9:07 AM
Long climbs standing in a big gear. To answer your question on the skin, no, it won't go away. It's not like you will have big voids under your skin, or that your skin will be flapping in the breeze (though this can happen with the morbidly obese). Older folks can have problems with skin elasticity, but there are things that can help. Look for skin lotions that have alpha-hydroxy acids in them.
re: Adding bulk & stregnthWayne
Nov 12, 2001 10:19 AM
If you're a skinny (non-muscular) person to begin with I wouldn't worry about getting too big. As far as extra skin, it's got some elasticity, and hopefully you're going to be getting muscle to replace the fat, so maybe it will balance out. But if you want to get stronger you've got to increase your muscle mass. When lifting weights you'll get stronger because of neurological adaptations and muscle mass increases. The former are probably very specific to the exercise (squat vs. leg press vs. riding a bike) or even the speed at which you do them, while the latter will transfer across activities (you're nervous system just has to figure how to use that muscle mass in the best way for that activity).