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Nov 11, 2001 2:53 PM
September 11th brought so much sorrow for many here in New York. The borough of Staten Island where I live and the firefighters that serve the community were hit particularly hard. Rescue 5, a firehouse near my home, lost all 13 men that responded to the tragedy that day. The story below tells of a group of 13 cyclists that road 310 miles from Washington DC to commemorate the brave men of Rescue 5. Our local club met these fine people this afternoon to escort them the final few miles from the Staten Island Ferry to the firehouse where they presented the families of those 13 firefighters. For full story see these links.

Another story concerning cycling and the tragic 9/11 events is of 5 firemen that survived that horrible day. They are cycling across America to thank those who came to the support of New York City and to the men and women of the uniformed services. If these brave men happen to come to your local community, get out there and show them your support! See the link for more on this story.

Our club also served the cycling community proudly by contributing money collected during our annual century event, to the 9/11 Fund. For full story see link.

Unfortunately, often times it takes horrible tragedies to bring us closer together as human beings and as Americans. I am proud that the cycling community has come to the fore to offer help and encouragement. Positive episodes such as this can only be viewed upon as good for all of us in the cycling community!
Nov 12, 2001 3:00 AM
This is a fantastic effort - congratulations to you all from a british cyclist.