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Gold Label lube from Rock Lubes... my first 150 miles(1 post)

Gold Label lube from Rock Lubes... my first 150 milesLets Roll
Nov 11, 2001 8:18 AM
Yes, yes, I know it's $22 for a 16 ounce bottle but I took the splurge and wanted to report my first week of using it. I completly cleaned my chain and chainrings, and cassette before I put this on. It is thin stuff. Kind of weird looking but oh well. I applied it and on the first ride I noticed how quiet everything was. I could actually hear my tires. That was weird. Now I have about 150 miles and so far the drivetrain is 'SO' clean that it looks like there is "nothing" on at all! Still going quiet too. Rock Lubes told me that I won't have to apply this as often as my previous lube which I did every 100 miles. They said about every 200 miles. So far I am really happy with this lube, if my chain lasts then I will highly recommend it. The owner of Rock Lubes said he has 8000 miles on his Campy ten chain (same as I'm running) and it's only half stretched.
Carry On! Keith M.