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Renn disc any opinions?(2 posts)

Renn disc any opinions?shnooksf1
Nov 9, 2001 9:04 PM
Has anybody seen or used a Renn disc and what is there opinion?
re: second hand info...Akirasho
Nov 10, 2001 1:58 AM
... talked with a cycling bud about a week ago... he just got a RENN and likes it (short term use).

To qualify a bit... this rider took third overall in our local TT series (and did not compete in every race) and is quite fast on "conventional" wheels... now, he's really got me worried!

RENN popped up on my radar because of the expense of conventionl disc wheels (ZIPP, HED, Corima, etc). They appear to offer an incredible value (decent weight for a clincher... if I recall, it was around 1200 grams... good for a disc and a killer price).

HED is reported to be targeting this price point (with better weight (800 grams 700C??)) with an even lighter and less traditional disc design for a couple hundred more (at last report... not yet on their website). This is great news for users of these specialty wheels... finally, some options and price relief. I hope the RENN lives up to my expectations!

I hope we can get a few first hand opinions on this before this topic drops off the radar screen.

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