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Newbie request opinion on Trek 1200(4 posts)

Newbie request opinion on Trek 1200Joe20
Nov 9, 2001 8:52 PM
After a year or two of riding solo my $100 late 80's Centurion with Shimano Exage, DT shifters, Tange cro-mo frame, toe-clips, I latched onto the weekly club ride in my town last weekend and was routinely dropped. They were swell, regrouping about six or seven times in the span of 60 tough miles, and I was able to catch up, only to be dropped again and again.

Since then, I've taken some of their advice, I've got a bike jersey and shorts at a local shop and in a span of a week, I feel like a better rider.

Other advice had to do with the bike. It's too big for me, my seat was too low, etc. etc. Anyway, the bike shop that I bought the clothing from has some rental bikes, and there is a one-year old TREK 1200, full Sora STI triple with Mavic Open Pros which they'd sell to me for $400.

I just want something adequate, sized for me, that'll get me by for a while & let me catch up to at least the women in the club on a future ride.

Is this TREK bike a fair deal? Or should I continue to look? I'm 5'6" and a muscular 160 lbs.
re: could be...Akirasho
Nov 10, 2001 2:26 AM
... others may disagree, but sounds fair to me for a complete bike... that fits... and gets you out on the open road!

Arguable that the Sora is low end with limited upgradability... the frame may be a bit on the harsh side (subjective)... the Open Pros are good rims, but what/to and how/with are they laced? You'll be up and running! It would be a good way to get your feet wet and take the big plunge later.

Oh, and I'd watch them gender biased comments (albeit I'm sure it was innocent). Some local women can dust my ass (on or off the bike) literally at will (and on the bike, I'm trying not to let them...) although the "Lantern Rouge" view ain't that bad...

Sounds like you've already caught the bug if you've gone out on a 60 mile club ride. Just make sure that it does FIT! Solo is good, group is good... riding is great!

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Got mine in '91 and still use it.cyclinseth
Nov 11, 2001 2:34 PM
It was a perfect starter bike. Got me off the couch and out on the road. The generation that I bought was not the most refined machine in the world but I didn't notice. Rode it steadily for 6 years and then got my upgrade. Now the 1200 is relegated to trips to the grocery store and cruisin around town.
You'll be a heck of a lot happier on something that fits properly
Got mine in '91 and still use it.BikingViking
Nov 12, 2001 7:31 PM
Glad to see there are some of us who appreciate "classic" cycling. I am the proud owner of a '92 1200 with the RX100 components and downtube shifters. It's been a great bike, albeit a bit harsh for 60+ mile rides. I am looking to upgrade it to an '02 2300 for next summer. I want to use it as my "maintenance experiment" once I get my new bike. I am really interested in doing my own maintenance, but the school of hard knocks gets expensive!