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Clair Duckham(13 posts)

Clair DuckhamAkirasho
Nov 8, 2001 11:19 AM
The current issue of "Bicycling" magazine (Dec 2001) has an article featuring one of our local club's founding members... still actively cycling at age 95... who's yo DADDY!!!

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: Clair Duckhammorey
Nov 8, 2001 11:47 AM
When I rode RAGBRAI about 5 years ago, there was this older gentlemen in a tent next to mine. He was 85 years old, riding 50-100 miles per day for 5 days. Amazing! However, 95 is really really amazing!
Bicycling?!J Das
Nov 8, 2001 11:53 AM
How many kids?


Come to the dark side.
Inspiration! -NMTig
Nov 8, 2001 12:03 PM
Wow, Wow, & Wow!!!!Jon
Nov 8, 2001 12:13 PM
I want to be like him when I grow up. The most senior member of the Edmonton
Masters Cycling Club is 82 year old Maurice Johnson, holder of numerous national
and provincial records, as well as being a perennial gold medallist at the World
Seniors Games. Maurice still rides the 40 km TT in 1:04. He was depressed this
year because he's getting so slow! Go, go, go Really Old Guys!!
Something to train for...guido
Nov 8, 2001 2:19 PM
40km in 1:04, eh? I can only do that with some large help from my friends.
Doesn't that just beat all? (nm)Jon
Nov 8, 2001 3:17 PM
I saw ClairKristin
Nov 8, 2001 12:11 PM
He was at the Hilly Hundred, does it every year I guess. He was sitting right behind me and won the prize again for most senior gentleman rider. Got a standing O from the crowd. Very cool!

Akshiro...I had asked before if you were at the Hilly Hundred. I'm not sure if you saw my post. I asked because I walked by someone who looked just like you (picture you posted in April)...I did a double take even and almost said something, then opted not to.

In the immortal words of Shaggy...Akirasho
Nov 8, 2001 1:21 PM
It wasn't me...

I was not at the Hilly... and to my knowledge, I've never posted a pic of myself on the web (you'd remember cuz you'd still be suffering from the trauma). I don't remember the specific pic... but maybe it WAS him!

I'll be expectin' you to pick up the "Senior" award someday!

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Nov 9, 2001 6:50 AM
Sorry. I'm glad that I didn't say anything then.

Now I'm wondering who's picture this twisted mind of mine has tied to your screen name. Perhaps I'll never know.
Very impressivePaulCL
Nov 8, 2001 1:25 PM
About ten years ago, just as I started in this sport, I drove my bike up to a local bike trail (the Loveland bike trail in north Cincinnati). I helped an elderly gentleman get his bike out of the back of his car. The man had real trouble lifting the bike and trouble walking. But, he got on that bike and rode it 25 miles that day at a good pace. As we rode together for a couple of miles, he told me that he had bad knees, couldn't walk more than 100 yards without sitting, but could ride for hours without problems.

I want to be him in 40 years, but with good knees.
age means nothingmr. clean
Nov 8, 2001 3:21 PM
I work with "elders" and nothing they can do, accomplish suprises me. A 102 year old working at a meal site getting the meals on wheels ready. Delivered them 5 days a week until he was 96. God bless everyone of them. Age makes no's the spirit that does.
This issue of Bicycling...Rich Clark
Nov 8, 2001 4:19 PM actually worthwhile, IMO, in the way it celebrates its own anniversary by celebrating the sport. The chapter on Mr. Duckham -- which simply blew me away when I read it -- is the last of a series of chapters on each decade of the life of cyclists.

The inspiration, of course, is to do what you can to maximize your potential. My genetic heritage may not let me ride until I'm 95, but I can't control that part, so why even think about it?

The lesson is that it's never to late to start controlling the rest.