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If you speak and read Spanish I need your Help. Immediately(7 posts)

If you speak and read Spanish I need your Help. Immediatelyfire737
Nov 8, 2001 7:15 AM
I have been looking for some Rudy Project Tayo's for a good price and found them for no less than $105 anywhere stateside but found a website in Spanish were it says Rudy Projects are $45. Tayo's and Kerosene's. Link onto this site for me and tell me what the deal is. What are shipping charges and how much are extra lenses? When on this site in the left column click on USD for U.S. Dollars I think is what that means. Then also on the left side click on the brand and type of glasses you are looking for under Gaffas. Lets figure this place out it may be a killer deal on Glasses. There is also other brands like Bolle and Killer Loop.
Let me know at
The site's pretty much bilingual....Tom Collins
Nov 8, 2001 7:42 AM
I added a pair of Kerosenes ($45.58) to my cart and went pretty far thru the checkout process; almost everything is in Spanish and English (I imagine that clicking on USD prices puts the site into that mode).

Shipping to the USA for the Kerosenes was $14.29. I can't figure out, though, how to get extra lenses.

Remember one thing though; you may have to pay customs duties when the package comes into the USA; I'm not sure if that's included in the shipping cost but I doubt it very much.
How much would customs and duties Cost?fire737
Nov 8, 2001 7:55 AM
How much would customs and duties Cost? Never bought anything from overseas. And how could they afford to sell them at that price? That is still less than $70
not really sure about duties.....Tom Collins
Nov 8, 2001 8:03 AM
having never bought anything from overseas either! However, I'm quite certain that they will have to declare the value of the shipment (probably $45 value), and there's a certain amount of tax imposed by the USA when it crosses our border. To be honest, I have no clue as to how much that would be, but I can't imagine it's very much; $45 shouldn't generate a lot of tax.

I guess they can afford to sell 'em that cheap because of exchange rates, but their prices aren't uniformly cheap. Over in bike parts, they have Dura Ace cranks for $310; XTR cranks for $435! Hardly a smokin' deal there....
Uneven pricingMcAndrus
Nov 8, 2001 10:09 AM
Yes, the pricing seems uneven but some of it is excellent. $91.22 for Sidi Genius shoes - $25 plus change for Nalini-Banesto jersey.

I had a devil of a time navigating, though, with my high school Spanish. Mi Espanol es muy mal. Verdad?

It's not as well categorized as a US site like Performance or Excel so it's hard to know where to go unless you're fluent in Spanish.

I've purchased at from Ireland and in England. In both cases, packages arrived as ordered and without further taxes or duties, priced as posted on their sites.
Just a warning...Horace
Nov 8, 2001 11:58 AM
To confirm they are an authorized dealer if thats important to you. There was a US site selling Rudy P's at great prices. I called Rudy P to ask if they were authorized. They were not authorized dealers (they were actually trying to shut them down) and the customer rep. politely pointed out that if I made a warranty claim it would not be honored. Since one of the attractions of Rudy P's was the great lens replacement warranty, I decided to spend the x-tra $$$ to avoid this risk. You may not care.
Just a warning...fire737
Nov 8, 2001 12:57 PM
That's a total bummer. I have already made the purchase.