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Hutchinson Carbon Composition Tires?(7 posts)

Hutchinson Carbon Composition Tires?morey
Nov 8, 2001 4:38 AM
I have no experience with Hutchinson tires. I noted that Litespeed is using them on the Ghisallo. Does anyone have experience with these tires. I am looking to replace my Conti Supersonics which have been good, but wear quickly.
I bought a set on sale for a try. They feel really nice,bill
Nov 8, 2001 7:31 AM
although I had very few miles on them (maybe a couple of hundred at most) before cutting the sh*t out of the rear on something. It actually started as a small cut and then grew rapidly (as in, by the time I finished the ride), so that I don't have high hopes for longevity. I recently bought a replacement (also on sale), and I'll try them again.
Let's face it, the nicer the tire rides, the worse they wear. People may argue with this, with their axial pros or whatever that they've had since childhood, but it seems IMHO to be so.
In the scheme of things, new tires are a relatively cheap thrill (but still a thrill), and I don't ride enough miles for the privilege to become prohibitive. I'll continue to ride nice tires. Life's too short to drink bad wine and all that.
Haven't used those specifically, but Hutchie's are good tires.jw25
Nov 8, 2001 7:35 AM
I've used Success Golds and Reflex Golds on the road, and Python Golds off-road, and have nothing but good things to say about them.
Given that the Reflex tires use a 66 tpi casing, and the Carbons are 127, I can only imagine the ride. The reflexes are nice and supple, but have a thick layer of tread to prevent puntures. Cornering is good, and the Gold rubber does help cornering. I have seen a pair of Carbon Airlights that punctured, but given the rubber density on those, it's rider error for using them on debris-strewn roads.
If you're riding Supersonics now, though, you should be fine with any model of these.
I use them, and I really like them a lot.nigel
Nov 8, 2001 8:05 AM
I have them on my Giant, and they ride as nicely as anything I've ridden. Good grip, easy on/off (some tires are notorious for being next to impossible to get onto a rim--silly, I know, but true), and they look super (I have the yellow, double-pinstripe models, and they're sweet). So far, I have about 1700 miles on them. They do seem to cut a little easily--I have several SMALL (and not too deep) cuts from glass, sharp stones, and other road sharpies--but the ride isn't affected.

Pretty standard top-end tire, I'd say.
re: Hutchinson Carbon Composition Tires?tcr01
Nov 8, 2001 12:30 PM
I started riding the carbon comps this year and love them. I think they ride better than Axial Pro's but the compound is softer and the tread life suffers a bit. I always had bad luck with Conti's. Got punctures everytime I tried riding them. I think it was bad mojo. I am sticking with the Carbon Comps for a while. I like the black version which is a little lighter than the golds but not as light as the black air lights.
Great grip but didn't lastkolby
Nov 8, 2001 2:47 PM
These tires came on my Giant. While they provided smooth rolling and excellent grip, the rear lastet about 150 miles on rough roads.
I've switched to Conti SuperSports, a lot cheaper, and no flats.
re: Hutchinson Carbon Composition Tires?BigLeadOutGuy
Nov 8, 2001 4:16 PM
I got a set of carbon comp air lights and they are awesome....I think the supersonics are a little lighter but the hutchs work good. I would use them mostly for racing...they dont wear all that well on training rides on the streets.