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Update on Lactate threshold testing(9 posts)

Update on Lactate threshold testingWoof the dog
Nov 7, 2001 8:53 PM
Yo, wasabi?

Here is what they "did to me" to determine Lactate threshold.
Warmup 5 min at 40 % VO2 max.
Resting lactate is 0.8 mmol/L, I assume thats at 40%.
3 minute pedaling at 80% VO2max. I went over to like 85% though (57.2ml/kg/min) but they said its fine. Lactate grew to 5.10 mmol/L. Returned back to 40% and in the next 5 minutes it reduced to 1.90 and after 13 minutes (counting from the end of 3 min interval) I was back to 0.8 mmol/L. So, Lactate Threshold from what I gather is right around 173 bpm. Thats what it says on paper. I actually have no clue about my highest heart rate. The guy said that basically it takes me 5 minutes to recover. Why 5 minutes if it took me 13 total to return back to 0.8? I also heard somewhere that the 173 bpm number is lame or something like that, but wouldn't it be different for everyone? No? Also, if you say 66 ml/kg/min is high, do my numbers above correlate with that in any way? I have a suspicion that I had good reading for VO2max 'cause I am just so damn light (128 pounds).

Thanks a lot.

Woof the lactadog
you may get better responses in a nursing mothers forum nmdupe
Nov 7, 2001 8:58 PM
haha, good one!!! :-) (nm)Woof the dog
Nov 7, 2001 9:11 PM
lactate or lactic??? -NMAdolph Oliver Nipples
Nov 8, 2001 2:01 PM
Lactate threshold testingSpox
Nov 8, 2001 1:09 AM
That's not a test; it's a good beginning :) ...If you need to know your thd's, you allways must have gas analyser, because lactate values must be compared to how much air goes in and what comes out...then you can count real thd's...
Lactate threshold testingWoof the dog
Nov 8, 2001 5:50 AM
Oh really? See, I am clueless about this. This was a second part they had me come in for. I mean, they pricked my finger like 12 times and I was pedaling with the tube in my mouth. Maybe I forgot to put it in my original post.

To answer mackgoo: university human performance lab.

Woof, the Grade-A-Honey-producing Bee.
re: Update on Lactate threshold testingmackgoo
Nov 8, 2001 5:33 AM
Where are you getting this done?
re: Update on Lactate threshold testingThorman
Nov 8, 2001 7:04 PM
How much did it cost?
re: Update on Lactate threshold testingWoof the dog
Nov 8, 2001 11:17 PM
geez. It didn't cost anything because I was basically helping a guy out to do his research project. See my prev. post on the first part of the test, who knows, you may actually find an answer. Oh and by the way, lactate threshold is good if its below 5.0. Mine was around 5.1 but probably because I am just getting back to high intensity stuff....i.e. I took july august and most of sept off. Hehe.