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LeMond Ti??(2 posts)

LeMond Ti??Pyg Me
Nov 7, 2001 4:25 PM
Anyone have any experience with LeMond Ti. My LBS offered to sell me the 2002 LeMond Tete de Course for $3,600. Full Dura Ace, carbon fork TTT stem/handle bar. Bontrager Race Lite wheelset.

Seems like a good deal. I notice two things with some limited 'net research on it.

#1) LeMond's address is in Waterloo Wi. So, it begs the obvious question: Does Trek make this frame?

#2) They come in the same sizes as Litespeed- 49, 51,53 etc. Trek kinda had a Litespeed thing going a couple of TDF's ago. Any realtion here?

I am looking for any information on these rides. I was not able to find any reviews.

re: LeMond Ti??bikerduder
Nov 7, 2001 5:41 PM
Yes, Trek owns Lemond cycles, along with Klein, Bontrager, Gary Fisher and probably a few more I'm forgetting. Good news is Lemond bikes are backed by the same warranty. They are basically different marketing approaches for the total company. Lemond has high end TI, Steel and limited Aluminum (I think these will eventually phase out), while Trek focuses on Carbon and Aluminum. As to who makes the frame? I don't know if it's actually produced by Trek or if it's produced in the Lemond building at the Trek factory.
Either way, I'm sure it's a good bike worth considering.

Don't know about a relationship between Trek and Litespeed, other than that Lance rode a Trek badged time trial bike in the 1999 tour. That was before Trek developed the custom TT bike for the 2000 tour. This is not an uncommon practice for Litespeed.