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Carbon frame question(1 post)

Carbon frame questionNeo
Nov 7, 2001 11:53 AM
I know this question will have some of you rolling your eyes, saying "not again", but here's my question. I am 34 and have a comfortable income now. I have been riding a red Trek 5200 that is 5 years old. I race Cat IV, but am mainly pack filler, finishing in the top 20-30%, but not really any higher. I am not a pro, nor ever will be. Because of that, I vowed to ride my 5200 into the dirt. But now I am re-thinking.

I will stay on a full-on carbon bike. If I remain on my older Trek, I would want to upgrade to a threadless stem/fork, but that would mean getting rid of the cool red color matched fork, even though the older Trek fork was a pig and the worst part of the bike. I would also definately upgrade to Dura Ace, as my ultegra shifters are junk, having too much play and rattlin' hoods despite all the fixes. i dont know if I want to put that much into that bike, or just go all new, with a nicer 1 1/8 inch steerer as opposed to the 1 inch that is on my Trek.

Frames I am considering are Parlee, Calfree, Trek, Colnago, the new De Rosa and maybe Look. I want a bike that has a good rep, is fairly light (even though I know I need to loose a few) and does not have customer service nightmares. Its the cust serv nightmares that I have heard that has prevented me from getting a Colnago C-40 to this point. If I go with the new Trek 5900, it WILL be repainted, as I dislike the colors Trek offers stock and refuse to advertise for the USPS, unless I get a killer deal on a bike. I am looking for feedback on your carbon frame experience with makers, as this is a big investment and I dont have the local dealer availability for any test rides, other than Trek.