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Achilles Tendon(7 posts)

Achilles Tendonfarmerfrank
Nov 7, 2001 10:04 AM
Went out for a 40 mile ride yesterday and came back with both achilles sore. Not a taxing ride, mostly flat with a few rollers. Rode it solo about 18mph avg. Nothing out of the ordinary. Been off the bike for a couple of weeks. Did I not stretch out good enough? Bike fit has been fine for me up till now. Does anyone have any suggestions.
re: Achilles Tendoncioccman
Nov 7, 2001 10:16 AM
Well, I can't say why suddenly this happened to you. What changed for this ride in particular? Sounds to me like something must have.

Beware of those tendons, more than a strain and you could be into big problems. That is also one of the most painful and debilitating injuries I've had. I'm an ex speed skier (ala Catalina Race type skiing). One season I developed a severe case of achilles tendonitis and was sidelined from all activities for over six months to clear it up. It was caused mainly by using many types of bad fitting skiis while I was an instructor. That combined with doing about 30 runs per day every single day and not allowing it to heal. I couldn't even walk or put on a shoe.

Time off it is the only cure I know. If you need, get some Naprosyn from Doc. It's hard on the stomach, so take care.
Torn Achilles TendonBrooks
Nov 7, 2001 10:18 AM
As we age, our tendons don't have the same elasticity as they once did. At 42, I tore my Achilles playing basketball, even after warmup, stretching, and playing for 30 minutes. Just pushing off with maximum flexion in the ankle (stretching the Achilles). After surgery and in rehab, cycling was recommended by the doctor and therapists. The cycling motion through the ankle generally does not stress the Achilles unless your seat is to far back and you mash gears by dropping your heel. Proper warmup and stretching are always important. Most tears are right above the heel, about where your shoes hit. You could also be feeling soreness in your calves, depending on where it hurts.

Good luck and take it easy. Spin, spin, spin.
re: my $.02 medical opiniondzrider
Nov 7, 2001 11:07 AM
My right achilles tendon is a chronic, low level problem since 1983. I had surgery in 1984 to remove a bunion like bump that irritated the tendon. I cannot offer you a cure that has worked for me. I can offer suggestions as to what bothers my heel. I make no guarantee that you're the same as me, which is probably just as well for you.

1. Standing up. The more I stand, the more it hurts. In urban commuting where I stand often, I try to take the weight on my left foot and make the first down stroke with my left foot as well.

2. Saddle too high.

3. Pedals with float. I've had much better luck with black Look cleats or clips and straps than with red Look cleats.
re: my $.02 medical opinionfarmerfrank
Nov 7, 2001 12:59 PM
Thanks to all of you for your input. I am currently using speedplays and I haven't adjusted the seat height on the bike that I rode yesterday. I will adjust the seat some to see if there is any difference. I am also an older rider
(48) and we do have to take care of our bodies and listen
to what it says. I've been fortunate not to have sustained any major injuries so far. Sometimes we do take our good health for granted. Anyway thanks for all the input. I'll
continue to enjoy the threads posted.
A day late and a dollar short, however....DINOSAUR
Nov 7, 2001 3:40 PM
All the info you received is dead-on. I had a bout with achilles tedonitis back in 1984 (?) during my running era.
To make a long story short, I eventually tore my right achilles. After that I sought medical help (duh). My options were to have surgery, which involved cutting the tendon and reattaching it to the bone. There was no guarantee that it would work. I elected not to have the operation. I was fitted with orthotics and I still deal with bursitis if I try to run due to the impact. Cycling doesn't bother me as long as I wear my orthotics in my cycling shoes. Standing used to bother me, but I think that after the years the injury has healed and it doesn't bother me anymore. What I would suggest that if this doesn't go away in a short period of time, seek medical advice from a professional. Preferably someone who specialized in sports injuries. He/she will know where you are coming from and will get you back on your feet. Usually the treatment starts off with rest and stretching. No one likes the word rest, but you either pay now or pay later. Don't play around with this injury or it will come back to bite you, big time.....
Possible Causes of Achilles TendonitisJon
Nov 8, 2001 10:39 AM
In this week's RoadBikeRider newsletter, by Fred Matheny and Ed Pavelka, a correspondent asked
about the cycling-related cause of achilles tendonitis. According to Matheny the most common
causes are a seat that's set too low and/or an unusual amount of climbing. The low seat he says
is the most common culprit, since it encourages the dropping of the heel below pedal spindle height
and a consequent repetitive stretching of the achilles tendon. Treatment includes rest, restoring the
saddle to its proper height, and staying away from the hills for a while. Hope this helps.