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giving blood(12 posts)

giving bloodraboboy
Nov 7, 2001 6:59 AM
Hey, I just gave blood for the first time yesterday. I know they say no strenuous activity for 24 hrs, but I am curious if there any after effects I might feel until I produce some of that blood back. Have any of you had experiences (good/bad/none) riding shortly (1-5 days) after giving blood. There is some kind of new-ish way to give blood that I tried. They actually took 2 pints of blood, but after each pint they pumped a pint of fluid back into me so, at least, my body wasn't low in that aspect.

Any thoughts on this would be great. Thanks.
re: giving bloodvanzutas
Nov 7, 2001 7:06 AM
I have never had a problem. I have never done any crazy biking but I would go to the gym and lift the day I give blood or go to practice when I was in school. I wouldn't kill myself on the bike the day I gave but I never notice after that.

Did you give platelets? They used to offer a way to give platelets and not red blood cells. it sounds like what you did. I think the recovery from that is even faster.

re: giving bloodTig
Nov 7, 2001 7:25 AM
My fitness has always been below what I want it to be so I have never given blood. This was even more true when I raced. It takes at least 2 weeks for your body to replenish the lost volume. That is the opposite of blood doping/EPO benefits (no, I would never do that crap!). Am I a greedy jerk for never giving blood? Maybe. I justified it in the past by saving lives as a peramedic/firefighter to make up for the lack of giving back to the world. Flame away!
no flames here.4bykn
Nov 7, 2001 8:58 AM
I had never given blood 'til 9/11 tragedy. No good reason I hadn't in my 42+ years. My workplace had already scheduled a blood drive for the following Monday. It was a piece of cake, almost immediately after I was back on the assembly line building cars!
Tig, nobody ever has to justify not giving. It's a personal decision that everyone has to make for themselves. And thanks for all your work as a paramedic/firefighter.
you give blood anywayPaulCL
Nov 7, 2001 11:03 AM
blood, sweat, and effort in your job the rest of us cannot give.

I try to give blood regularly - I'm up to about 2 or 3 gallons over the last five years. Beyond that, all I can do is write a check. No flames, only cheers. Paul
be carefulthe_gormandizer
Nov 7, 2001 7:41 AM
I recently bonked the day after donating blood, only about 10-15 miles into a ride. That was after a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast. Granted I had not been riding much the previous week, since I was getting over a cold. But I'll never again be so cavalier about hopping on the bike for a 50 mile ride so soon afterwards.
re: giving bloodjagiger
Nov 7, 2001 7:48 AM
I gave blood in Sept for the 1st time in a long while (crashed & burned the 1st time). Anyway, I took it easy on my 1st ride after taking the day off. I could tell that I was a little drained so I took it slow. Everything was back to normal in a little while. Being down a quart though, I'd definitely go at a pace that feels good.

A good steak might be nice too!

Oh yeah, congrats for giving B!!!!!!!! 2 pints, that's news to me!
re: giving bloodraboboy
Nov 7, 2001 8:38 AM
Thanks for the responses. I will definately take it easy for the next couple days.

Yeah, it is a new technique. They call it Apheresis. They have the Platelet one where you just give platelets, then there is a plasma one where they take out 2 pints and have a method of dividing it up into platelets & plasma & blood cells. This takes longer and during the process they pump a couple of bags of fluid back into you. The best part is that they use a smaller needle. My wife was with me & she didn't weigh enough for this so she just gave a regular donation and that needle is HUGE.

Yeah, you do get your platelets back in just 2 days (and can donate them up to 48 times a year - lots of need for chemo & radiation patients!), but when you go for the double you are still low on the red blood cells.

The Red Cross also has yummy snacks. I helped myself to some peanut butter cups, fritos and some orange juice. I found it slightly odd (so did a few others) that I was reading Dracula while there. Wasn't planned or anything that just happens to be the book that I am in the middle of right now.

happy riding
Doesn't matter; give anywaycory
Nov 7, 2001 8:50 AM
Congratulations, and thanks for doing it. Several members of my family (and millions of other people) are alive today because of blood donors.
With that in mind, how it affects cycling seems sort of unimportant. My experience, though, is that it doesn't have much effect on my daily rides (I often ride to and from the Blood Services place, eight miles from my office, and don't feel any particular difference going vs. coming back). I plan my donations to allow a week or more before any big rides, and I've never felt that it hindered my performance. Even if it did, though...gotta give the blood.
re: giving bloodCHRoadie
Nov 7, 2001 10:10 AM
I gave on a Friday last month and did a club ride the next morning. The thing I noticed is that my heart rate was almost 10 bpm faster than usual, and I just plain ran out of gas about 20 miles in. Hills killed me.
According to the Red Cross, your blood volume will be back to normal very quickly (you fill your system back up with plasma), but the red blood cells (the ones you need to get oxygen to your muscles) take a couple of weeks to get back to normal levels. That's why my heartrate went up--less carriers to move oxygen from my lungs to my muscles.
Give blood.Miklos
Nov 7, 2001 11:16 AM
Been giving blood several times a year for the last few years. I usually don't ride the day that I donate, but ride the next day. The day after ride is a 25 mile commute and I definately have to take it a little easy. However in less than a week, it seems that every thing is back to normal. Just listen to your body, it will tell you what you can do. I don't think I would donate within a month of a race, or a couple of weeks before a 100 mile benifit ride.

Good job donating! Keep it up!

Take the next day offCartman
Nov 7, 2001 6:57 PM
I gave back in Sept. I rode the next day, and found myself winded, and noticed a throbbing in my head that I hadn't before. After about 15 miles it went away. No problems after that. Next time, I'll take the next day off.