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Looking for good training rides South of Denver(7 posts)

Looking for good training rides South of DenverYellowlab
Nov 6, 2001 9:59 PM
Any ideas? I am a novice and I am looking for good rides in and around Denver that aren't too hilly. Looking to add base miles while the weather is nice and I am also building up places to ride come the nice weather in the spring.

2 optionsDA
Nov 7, 2001 5:21 AM
Meridien business park loops
Parker to AF Academy
2 optionsGary M
Nov 7, 2001 8:07 AM
Just keep in mind that the Air Force Academy with it's perfectly maintained roads, has been closed to visitors (including cyclists) since 9/11. But there are miles of good riding in the Black Forest area just outside AFA's North Gate.
Many great options!!!jtolleson
Nov 7, 2001 6:55 AM
First, you should be aware that South of Denver is more hilly than you'd think! But here are some favorites:

Sedalia to Palmer Lake, straight down Hwy 105 (Perry Park Road) and back. Sedalia is south of Littleton continuing down Santa Fe.

See if you can find a map of the routes used on Elephant Rock, all beginning and ending in Castle Rock. Great options.

If you are looking for flats in the good weather, don't forget the plains. You can go straight west of Denver on Hwy 36 through Strasburg, Byers, Bennett, etc. and turn around whenever you please.
Don't forgetPeetey
Nov 7, 2001 8:03 AM
Inside Cherry Creek State Park offers a good loop. It's relatively flat, close to town, and at this time of year the traffic is not bad.
Don't forgetYellowlab
Nov 7, 2001 9:06 AM
Thanks all Great ideas. IDrove from franktown to Black forest and that is one hilly ride. I hope to tackle that next season consistently as I live in Castle Rock.

Have you had trouble with cars pn Perry Park road? People fly on that road and it has a lot of blind corners but man is it beautiful.

Do any of you belong to clubs in Denver as I would like to begin riding with folks and getting involved starting next Spring. Any Ideas would be Great?
Perry Park Roadjtolleson
Nov 7, 2001 11:59 AM
Yes, it is true that vehicles go at nearly highway speeds. That's a bummer. But I've never really had trouble. The shoulder is OK, and the route is popular enough with cyclists that the folks who live in the area are (hopefully) looking out for you.

Several of the clubs have kinda slowed it down until about Feb when they'll start up again. But I think that between RMCC and Heart Cycle, you'll see a lot of rides in your area next Spring.