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Another nugget of wisdom from Bicycling Mag(15 posts)

Another nugget of wisdom from Bicycling MagEd3
Nov 6, 2001 1:21 PM
Tip of the day from

One key to steady climbing

Hypnotize yourself into a climbing cadence. If you increase your gear, don't decrease your pedal rpm.

WOW! So should I use a shiny, swinging object or just listen to the relaxing sound of your voice?
typical Bicycling Mag inane drivel nmDog
Nov 6, 2001 1:23 PM
Just like a Zen mastermr_spin
Nov 6, 2001 1:35 PM
I've been hip-no-tized! I've got a better idea. Get Gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi to ride in a car behind you shouting through the PA system (in his gruff Romanian accent) "You can do it! You can do it!"
in their defense, they publish (though not very good) haiku. nmNearly 30 HaiKurate
Nov 6, 2001 2:38 PM
Whats with all the name changes? Trying to hide something? nmMB1
Nov 6, 2001 3:07 PM
...well...Js Haiku Shop
Nov 7, 2001 6:41 AM
went for a name change yesterday, to discover a little problem changing names, then got locked out of my e-mail address-based account. so, i used another e-mail address, another name, contacted gregg, he fixed the original, i checked back in as j's haiku shop, and there you have it...

but, there are so many good screen names involving haiku that i just can't stick with one for too long.

did i mention my birthday is coming up? send all condolences to:

J's Haiku Shop
attn: J
Elvisville, USA
Actually I find this to be quite helpfulChris Zeller
Nov 6, 2001 3:22 PM
Remember that this tip is directed at beginners. Their point is to focus on your rpm and remain consistent--just concentrate on turning your gear until you get to the top. Now that I'm a little bit better of a rider I do this, but I used to go all out in short spirts and tire quickly. This is good basic advice. Remember, Bicycling is trying to be a good generalist mag that appeals to the masses. That's togh to do.
I agree. People are way too harsh on Bicycling. It is whatbill
Nov 7, 2001 6:18 AM
it is. The tips are sometimes useless, sometimes ridiculously self-evident. But, sometimes, and it is a sometimes that is bound to vary with the individual, sometimes the tips are reminders of a fundamental we either have forgotten or never knew (or never understood).
Lots of old time subscribers hate itmr_spin
Nov 7, 2001 10:35 AM
Too harsh? No. It used to be a decent magazine. That was before they fired most of the staff and totally changed the format to match the presumed short attention spans of their readers.

Now it is a 15-minute read, cover to cover. That doesn't necessarily mean that it contains no useful tips or information. It doesn't even mean it is a terrible magazine. But it is a shadow of its former self. Hence, the harshness of the criticism.
Be careful who you quoteMcAndrus
Nov 7, 2001 11:07 AM
I quoted something out of Bicycling in a posting and got flamed for my trouble.

For those who hate Bicycling please keep in mind it's purpose, as Chris has spelled it out. It's aimed more at the novice but even grey hairs like myself still find interesting nuggets of information. I just know when I'm being fed good stuff and junk.

By the way, I also subscribe to VeloNews and Cycle Sport. I've heard people call them VeloSnooze and Pretty-Boy Cycling. But I still read them.

By the way II, Cycle Sport sits on my bedstand and takes two weeks to get through, VeloNews gets read in one evening, and Bicycling is in the bathroom in the magazine basket. But it does get read.
Nov 7, 2001 2:55 PM
This is typical of BM. If you are going to teach even a novice rider how to climb, this little drivel of information sure isn't going to help much. When they changed their look, I cancelled my subscription. If I want to find out info on the latest SUV, I'll go to the dealer.
I used to subscribe.........STEELYeyed
Nov 6, 2001 5:12 PM
it was a good place to get some basics when I first started cycling,but I have gotten alot more info from this board and newsgroups,plus befriending an ex-racer/bike mechanic as a riding partner,there is alot of opinion and advice out there,I just listen,learn and take what I need,the best info is almost always free!
I still do. For the next four years. My daughter got me.Elefantino
Nov 7, 2001 6:54 AM
Subscriptions to raise money for her school.

I actually look forward to it. And then I read it and realize that either I know what they're talking about or don't want to.

But hey, those Nissan ads with the guy falling off the cliff ...
re: Another nugget of wisdom from Bicycling Magbikerduder
Nov 7, 2001 1:02 PM
I agree - quality of Bicycling has dropped as of late. I find I can read most of it the evening I get it in the mail. I have become addicted to the European mags - Cycle Sport, Cycling+ and ProCycling, plus Velonews. Problem is they're expensive and often hard to find. I'll read whatever I can find, though.
re: Another nugget of wisdom from Bicycling MagDINOSAUR
Nov 8, 2001 9:57 AM
I was an old time subscriber of the mag. It is not the same magazine of old. They fired all their writers and came out with a new format. I guess it's geared toward people who don't have time to read. I purchase it once and while but I find most of the information totally useless, now and then I will see a useful tibit of information. They should change their name to "Bicycle Review Magazine". Their three line reviews are also useless. Their editors summary of criticism is "if you don't like the magazine, don't subscibe to it". I'm also kind of befuddled as Rodale also publishes Runner World, which is a pretty good read and a stark contrast to the contents of Bicyling Magazine. I guess the bottom line is, if you like it, read it. If you don't, don't. I find forums such as this to be far more useful for exchanging and gathering information. It appears to me that they have narrowed their format to attract the newbie cyclist. I would think they would want to appeal to the vast audience. But I guess this is far more complicated than I imagine, it has to do with advertisers who litterally support the magazine. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't advertising bring in more revenue than subscribers? More ads mean a bigger magazine. Then again, they usually don't bash a product that advertises in their mag. Like I said it's complicated and not an easy fix...