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Midnight and my near death experience with a whistle pig...(9 posts)

Midnight and my near death experience with a whistle pig...Ahimsa
Nov 6, 2001 1:03 PM
Aaaaah F@#K that hurt! Aaah jeez!

So it went for around five minutes as I lay on the pavement afraid to move for fear of discovering the compound fracture that was surely obscured by my frame laying across my legs. Certainly I would look down only to find my femur jutting through the flesh and fully realize the bodies potential to produce pain masking endorphins in time of severe trauma and shock.

Breifly I imagined that I would drag my broken self to some distant pay phone and collapse while trying to reach my sleeping spouse.

But it wasn't that bad. Catastrophic injury was avoided altogether. Road rash. Huge rashy bruise on shoulder. Deep joint pain there as well. Can't raise my arm to a "puttin' on deoderant" position. Wrist is jammed.

The bike. Durable son o' a b!tch. Chewed up grips. Bent pedal. Small scuff on the seat. All remedied now.

How did it happen? Well here ya go...A woodchuck attacked me.

Well, not really. Actually I must have spooked 'im when I approached because rather than running away from the trail he scurried across it. There was no way to avoid him. No time to bunny hop, no way to begin any evasive manuever. It is one thing to hop an immobile object, but a moving target at 20mph (me, not the groundhog) is much more difficult to judge.

Superman endo upon impact. Hands then head smack pavement like swinging a grapefruit in a tube sock at a brick wall. My helmet is crushed. Thank heaven for Bell headgear as I would absolutely be dead or in the SICU with brain swelling and bits of cranium lodged in my grey matter.


Funny thing is...I just read the crash thread here not an hour before heading out. I'll tell ya what, Dog's description of the "one second riding - one second sprawled" wreck is accurate. Practice falling all ya want, but when you go down hard like that there is no way to assume crash position.

My gloves held up mostly. No road rash on the palms, but the fingers are torn out due to my hands ripping right through.

Oh....the whistle pig? I'm not sure as to his condition as he seemed to continue across the path with no real loss of speed despite being steam rolled by my front wheel. I searched for it, but to no avail. Had I found it injured I would have tried to help. I hope it escaped unscathed. A friend who claims experience with these creatures (how one would posses such knowledge I did not question) tells me that they are quite tank-like and he probably survived with less injury than myself. I hope that is true.

Still rode today. I figured that the only way to reafirm my commitment to not drive was to just get back on. The wrist hurts bad but has little effect on my grip or manipulation of the shifting/brakes. It felt good to surf the traffic with the knowledge that it could have been my last ride, or at least that my bike and body are relatively normal.

I love this bike and it's setup. Again proven crash worthy. Lesser wheels would have folded over or went out of true.

Be safe, and avoid the dreaded woodchuck. I'm getting one of those deer whistles installed on my handlebars to warn critters!


bad jujuHA
Nov 6, 2001 1:12 PM
that will teach you to photocopy books and return them
re: Midnight and my near death experience with a whistle pig...raboboy
Nov 6, 2001 1:14 PM
wow. sorry abour the crash, but it is a great story. glad you're ok!
Oh man...PsyDoc
Nov 6, 2001 1:21 PM
...glad did you did not look down to see a leg bone jutting from any part of your body. You would have to have taken one helluva fall to bust your femur, but the tibia and fibula are less durable. I would suggest getting that shoulder x-rayed. You have no idea what type of damage may have been done. After a crash, if I could not lift my arm to a position where I could apply deoderant, I would want to get that shoulder x-rayed. Without an x-ray you do not know if your shoulder is just bruised or perhaps you have a hairline fracture of your collarbone. In such situations, I agree that no matter how much you practice falling you still do not have the time to think and react to implement such practice.
re: had similar encounter with a ground hog...Akirasho
Nov 6, 2001 6:08 PM
... at speed on a 'bent... both wheels... oddly enuff... stayed upright with no apparent damage to me or bike... I doubt the same could be said for the rodent...

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: joint pain + can't raise armnuke
Nov 6, 2001 7:49 PM
Hmmm...hopefully just a bruised muscle or (as said earlier) hairline fracture in your collarbone. Both of these heal on their own.

Bad version: rotator cuff injury which may require surgery to heal. Rotator cuffs are ligament tears and don't typically heal on their own. I slightly tore one of mine in a skiing accident and tolerated the slightly reduced function of the shoulder for 3 years until I REALLY tore it in a bike crash. Result: surgery! But...the good news is...function was restored to 99.9%!
Gross experience...Brooks
Nov 7, 2001 10:07 AM
On a ride a few years ago, I was zipping along on a narrow country road when a pickup truck passed me. A dead, bloated ground squirrel (called a potgut around here) was in the middle of the road. As the truck passed, he moved over into the other lane putting his right side tires in direct line with the ripe roadkill. With the planets perfectly aligned, you guessed it, squished squirrel was sprayed on me. I was able to stay upright and stop. Fortunately, the wrap around shades covered my eyes, and I had a clean rag and water to wipe myself off. Chucked the rag, nearly chucked lunch as well. I still get queasy thinking about it and the smell stays with me...
What bike? What wheels? Ouch! Mend fast. NMBlubbersaddle
Nov 7, 2001 10:14 AM
What bike? What wheels?Ahimsa
Nov 7, 2001 12:02 PM
Daily commuter/urban assault/barhopper/errand steed:

Cannondale 'cross frame, non-headshock model
Salsa stem, bars, Delgado rims built up 32/36 w/ Wheelsmith 14 gauge spokes
Canecreek brakes, headset
WTB saddle, pedals
105/Ultegra mix
Easton Carbon seatpost
Zefal clip-on mudguards
Conti tourers that I do not hate, but don't love either. Got my eyes on the Rivendell Ruffy Tuffys for replacement