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Group ride etiquette(4 posts)

Group ride etiquettedagnelson
Nov 6, 2001 6:43 AM
Re the lengthy and ranty post about a group ride gone wrong, what is proper group etiquette? I am new to this, got only a general idea. I'm now sure I made a few mistakes on my first few group rides. Don't want to repeat. Thanks.
you can start herefreddie
Nov 6, 2001 6:51 AM
good stuff for any group rider to readTig
Nov 6, 2001 10:15 AM
The letter covered it well. My favorite part was:
"Remember, it's a ride, not a race. Everybody works together. If you drop everyone, you'll have no one to draft. Or talk to. You will get very few Christmas cards from your riding friends."
One thing I do not agree with....Colombian Climber
Nov 6, 2001 11:16 AM
"...If the group is considerate, they'll wait for you, causing the entire group to slow to your speed. You're setting the pace from the back. If they are not so considerate, you'll be riding by yourself, tired and beaten and out in the wind: Not a pretty sight..."

Well, this sounds inconsiderate to everyone who wanted to have a ride at a particular pace but now CAN'T because Mr. Alpha male decided to pull at 30m/h and now he's fried!.

So this is what the club I ride with does... Instead of slowing down for riders, we have specific regrouping points where everyone will stop to wait for dropped riders. This allows the dropped riders to feel reasured that they will be a group waiting for them, as well as allows the pack to continue at their pace and have their predetermined ride pace.

This ACTUALLY HELPS NEW PEOPLE!. Most of them do not come back because they feel bad about slowing down the group. By continuing at the same speed and having regrouping points, they now feel that they are no longer "slowing" down the group. Also, slower riders can monitor their progres by seing how long they keep up with the group from week to week. If they group slows down for the slowest rider, they could not know if they are actually improving or simply being "matched" by faster riders.

Just my 2ctns

Oh... and this only applies to the flats... When the roads points to the ski, this little colombian is OFF!!! :-).