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Cyclops Fluid2 Question(5 posts)

Cyclops Fluid2 QuestionAztecs
Nov 6, 2001 4:04 AM
Just bought a Cyclops Fluid2. Does anyone experience any problems with squeaking? It seems to be coming from the friction between the tire and the roller. Any easy way to resolve this (besides cranking up the tunes)? Is this just natural?

re: Cyclops Fluid2 QuestionDuane Gran
Nov 6, 2001 4:56 AM
I own one of these and I have also experienced this. It sounds like you need to tighten it down just a little bit more where the metal roller meets the tire.

Incidentally, you will notice another Cyclops fluid quirk. After about 5 minutes the resistance will suddenly increase. This weirded me out at first and I thought I was getting fatigued after only 5 minutes, but from what others say it is predictable, if not normal.
re: Cyclops Fluid2 QuestionAztecs
Nov 6, 2001 5:06 AM

I was turning the knob 2 1/2 times as was directed in the manual. I'll try tightening it a bit more and see if that helps.

re: Cyclops Fluid2 QuestionBecky
Nov 6, 2001 5:21 AM
I've noticed that my Fluid2 makes weird noises if my tires are underinflated. Double-check your tire pressure and see if that helps....
re: Cyclops Fluid2 Questiontcr01
Nov 6, 2001 5:27 AM
This is a pretty normal occurance and is the result of your tire slipping against the metal drum. Another turn to tighten against your wheel should help. I get the squeak when I use my axial pro tire and don't get it at all with my Hutchinson Carbon Comp. The Michelin seems to have harder rubber and doesn't grip as well down the center.