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Prudent action PART TWO(1 post)

Prudent action PART TWOBrian
Nov 5, 2001 11:07 AM
(regarding the problematic bike)
Well, I called the guy this morning, saying that I understood that he wasn't really obligated (by law) to do anything, but I was just hoping to appeal to his sense of decency. I made it clear that the bike that I received was not exactly the one he described, and he had plenty of excuses for that, believe me. I explained that the wheel is unuseable due to the bent rim, and the cassette and chain are worn down (he implored me to lube the chain...) After a lot of "back and forth" with this, he finally said that he'll check the place he works for some 8 speed cassettes. "Good" I said, I'm just looking for a functional bike.

After reading Cartman's response, I feel a little better. I just don't want to feel like I was taken. I'm on this board a lot, and I always hear of people switching/upgrading parts. Maybe I should do that. Take the tire and hub from the wheel, junk the cassette, and upgrade to better parts. I think a older Trek carbon fiber is worthy of an upgrade. I just want this thing to be functional, so I can ride it without being apprehensive, and can stop having these feelings of doubt whenever I look at the thing...