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Cardinal Sin and Pretzel Logic(7 posts)

Cardinal Sin and Pretzel LogicAkirasho
Nov 4, 2001 12:18 AM
Went to Airborne's semi annual garage sale today and committed a cardinal sin... here's the quintessential question.

When is buying a bike, not buying a bike??? When the frame doesn't FIT, but the price is too good to pass up!

When I put the components into Airborne's own website customize list, the price comes to $3763 (16 lb)... at the garage sale, it was originally marked down to $3000... I bought it when it was marked down again to $2000.

Yep, technically, I bought another bike... but here's my "Pretzel Logic".

(common retail prices)

56cm Spectre frame (too small) ($900-$1000)
Reynolds Pro Aero fork ($400)
Chris King headset ($100)
Campy Record CF seatpost ($120)
Selle Italia SLR saddle ($80)
Profile Carbon X integrated aeros ($325)
Dia Comp 188 brake levers ($20)
Dura Ace Bar End Shifters ($50)
Dura Ace Brakes ($160)
Dura Ace Derailleurs (F and R) ($110)
Dura Ace BB ($50)
Dura Ace cranks with solid buzz saw big ring ($250)
Dura Ace chain ($20)
Conti Sprinter tubulars ($100)
Zipp 404 CF tubular wheels ($1000)
Zipp carbon fiber bottle holder ($40)


I will sell the frame (note: I'm not advertizing here!!!)... I've already got a buyer for the Profile integrated bar and shifters... the fork may be up for sale... The components retail for over $2800 (aerobar and fork included) alone (and I can use them on other bikes... (I've got a bare Spectre frame (60cm) hanging in my basement)) so I'm ahead, right???

Other deals of the day...

Shimano 535 wheelset ($120/pr) will make a nice backup
Shimano Dura Ace SPD-R pedals ($80) cuz I've never tried them before
Conti Competition tubulars ($50/pr) cuz these retail for $90 each
Mavic red wheelbag ($5) cuz it looks soooo sweet, and will look even sweeter with a 404 stuffed inside
Airborne jersey ($20) hey, it's an Airborne town
Two cable actuated disc brakes... rear ($20) for any upcomming recumbent trike project

Various other little brikabracks totalling no more than $20

Items passed up... various Dura Ace, Record, Ultegra and Chorus level derailleurs, cranks with rings, Airborne Ti components, Icon and Syncros stems, all manner of bars (road and offroad) a few frames and private seller stuff (though a lot of it was kewl including an Airborne FS MTB (Morati) and a Manhattan Project... nice, but nothing radical... just a run of the mill Ti frame with CF seatstays... and a WTB Bon Tempe FS bike with a massive and looooooong seat post) and sets of Spinergy Xaero wheels (bags and skewers included) for $280/pr.

Makes sense in a convoluted sort of way, don't it???!iyKcezdRrKY9LsBLVarR3HLARM5efBQLLC9TgR1!V6yqq!scwOPA2WLh3mzB02CpA3PeRCVyVWNnbdN!NoFeJ!6DMIM/Airborne-Garage-Sale.jpg

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: Cardinal Sin and Pretzel LogicPaulCL
Nov 4, 2001 5:57 AM where is this 'garage sale' held?? If I remember, you live very close to me in Dayton, Ohio. I'd be very interested if the sale was within driving distance.
re: WAS on Saturday (11-03-01)Akirasho
Nov 4, 2001 11:14 AM
... sorry 'bout that.

I attended my first sale in April of this year and was told at that time that there'd be another one in the fall.

I found out about this one through Airborne's enewsletter about three weeks before. They currently plan on having another one in the spring of '02.

It's held at Airborne's NA distribution center (Huffy) in Springboro... just off I-75. Directions may still be posted on their website (for future reference)

I kinda mentioned this in another post over on the "Components" board but in all honesty, the fewer who know... the better for those who do. Most "killer" deals go within the first 15 minutes (If you get there at 09:00, you're late) though you can still get good deals from Airborne and private sellers during the rest of the event (you'll need a bit of cash and credit)!

If it's any consolation, the items offered and the prices charged were relatively consistent 'tween the two events... I'd expect similar next spring.

On the plus side, you now have a few months to save up!

Also, take note... I've heard that ZIPP has a similar annual event over in Indy... I'm watching the CIBA board (and signed up for ZIPP's newsletter though they've not confirmed this) for any info. Any forum users out there able to confirm this (course, I'd understand if you didn't tell)?

We abide.

Remain In Light.
That's not buying a bike--thats a business!Kristin
Nov 5, 2001 7:36 AM
And a good one at that. Way to go! Um, you're going to claim the profit on your taxes right? ;-)
(nm) What I meant was... ;-)Kristin
Nov 5, 2001 7:37 AM
Dude. . .Score!js5280
Nov 5, 2001 8:47 AM
Way to go pretzel boy ;-) I actually went through a similar process here. I'm building up a Santa Cruz Superlight (MTB) and though about buying another one off ebay for the components but changed my mind. Then I saw that they are almost giving away Schwinn Homegrown Pro's so I thought about cannibalizing one of those and selling the frame. It would of cost me less money that way, but like most mid-tier built bikes, you get some good stuff, and then some crap. Ended up buying a LX group w/ wheels from Pricepoint and the rest here and there. A few more bucks, but exactly what I want. One of the big reasons I went w/ Airborne for my road bike.

I've been thinking about stopping by Airborne, I go out to see a friend in Columbus regularly. Going to have to schedule that next trip around that sale. Hmmm, do I really need bike Number 5?

Oops, Akirasho, don't answer that question ;-)
MOST jealous. been pining for that bike. and, 56cm=my size. nmJs Haiku Shop
Nov 5, 2001 11:37 AM