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GREGG, Another major problem with new site. Please read.(2 posts)

GREGG, Another major problem with new site. Please read.Rocky
Nov 3, 2001 3:58 PM
Ive been looking around the classifieds to build up a new frame and more than half the stuff I inquire about is already sold!!

Why dont you guys shoot out an email after 2-3 weeks to the seller to see if he still wants the ad posted and if he responds, keep the listing, if not, yank the damn thing!


PS. I dont know how the money thing is working for you but I really really really hate these new classifieds. YOu guys killed a beautiful thing. Really. Everybody's bummed about it.

Its not the $3 either. Its just ruined. SAD! SAD! SAD!
thanks for the input, still a work in progress....gregg
Nov 5, 2001 11:57 AM

The problem you stated came about because we made some changes to the original functionality of the listings. In the beginning, you would list an item, then if somebody clicked on "buy", your item would automatically be delisted.

There were several complaints because people would have somebody click "buy" and then choose not to buy the item. This would force the seller to have to go back in and relist his item (w/out any extra charge), which people felt was a hassle.

Then, a problem arose because people wanted to be able to contact the seller directly via email, and not necessarily through the Nextag system. So this meant that the "buy" button may or may not get clicked on at that point. So that is why the item may get sold, but is still listed. Unless the seller takes the time to "delist" the item, it will still show up in the Marketplace.

Your suggestion is not a bad one, but requires more programming. Thanks again for your input, we realize that many people are not happy with the current system, and we are continuing to work on several of the problems.

Please continue to be patient.