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any opinions on Performance roof racks?(3 posts)

any opinions on Performance roof racks?mlbd
Nov 3, 2001 2:36 PM
i'd like to get a roof rack, but $300 is a bit much right now. performance has some of their export models that are refurbished for $99 for the whole system! seems pretty good. i checked the reviews over at MTBR (can't seem to find rack reviews on this site) and they were mixed. any opinions from roadies?

good rack for the $$$$$quadzilla1
Nov 3, 2001 6:41 PM
I have a Barrecrafter, which is identical to the Performance rack (re-badged). I have it mounted to a "93 Mazda 626 (no gutters). It has served me very well (3 years), some of the hardware is starting to rust. I also remove the rack in the winter & throw the bike in the back. I use the rack for both mtb & road, and feel comfortable driving 70 -75 mph with two bikes up there. I have a sunroof & I'm able to keep an eye on things. Be VERY careful mounting it though. I dented the roof putting it on the first time. My car got t-boned & the roof was fixed later (that's another story). Also get the windscreen ! I paid about $300 for the whole setup (two mounts). $ 99 bucks is a hell of a deal !
Works for meMcAndrus
Nov 4, 2001 5:09 AM
I have an older Performance rack from 96 or 97. My car is an Olds Achieva without gutters. The car's old, the rack's old, and I'm old .... but at least there is symmetry.

The rack has all the features I need and best of all, holds the bike well. I've driven all over the eastern US with it and have never had a problem.

By the way, the quick release bolts are starting to rust but that's only cosmetic, they still work fine.