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info on old trek 400(2 posts)

info on old trek 400pedalpusher
Nov 2, 2001 9:31 PM
I was given an old Trek 400 series bike. It is red and has mallard wheels, dia comp brake levers, shimano shifters and derailers, and sakae cranks. I tuned and repaired what needed to be but the lady that gave it to me told me that her husband did not ride it very much. It actualy rides pretty good. Anyone know any history of this model?

My singlespeed started as a similar bike...cory
Nov 2, 2001 10:49 PM
It was a Trek 620, from about the same period. I've had it 12 or 15 years and swapped a lot of stuff on it, so I don't remember everything it had originally, but it was (still is) a comfortable, nice-riding bike. The hubs are probably MAILLARD, and the freewheel may be a Helicomatic. One nice thing about that is that you can remove it without any weird tools. Just unscrew the locknut (they make a tool, but pliers work fine) and pull it off. No replacements anywhere, though--even "classic bike" places don't have 'em.
Tubing may be Reynolds 531. My brakes are cantilevers, and the original crankset was a 50-46-30 triple (I'm using a 38 in the middle position now with a BMX freewheel). I've run it with flat bars, drop bars, priest bars, mustache bars, both road and mountain brake levers, as well as the original downtube shifters, bar-ends, thumb shifters and now no shifters. It came with 27-inch wheels, but I swapped to 700s a few years ago and I'm using 700x40 Conti Avenues as a singlespeed city/bike path bike. Next to my Atlantis, it's my all-time favorite and most versatile bike.