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This cracked my up, Bianchi web page(7 posts)

This cracked my up, Bianchi web pageDog
Nov 2, 2001 1:55 PM
I was checking out new Bianchi's. Looking at a fixed gear.

All the new stuff hits the Italian web pages long before the U.K. or U.S. pages. So, I went to the Italian page, and saw something I wanted to read about, the new EV4. But, not speaking Italian, I went to the Alta Vista translation website, and plugged in the Bianchi URL. It sort of like reading bad instructions from Japan. The translation came out pretty funny (read the whole thing):

"This the principle of inspiration to the base of the process technologically to the vanguard thanks to which White men have succeeded to create chassis EV4, whose performances in terms of force, speeds, elegance and precision are today to the top of the range.
Such characteristics are rendered possible from the taken care of search and the attention by piece that contraddistinguono from always the Unit Run.

To leave from the material, until the study of the profiles
of the pipages, ciascuna phase of the production process guarantees the maximum of the reliability of the chassis and its great performances with a revolutionary advantage to level of weight.

The base material, an aluminum alloy with zinc and magnesium enriched from special elements, gives to the chassis a comprised cargo value ' of rottura' between 600-650 N/mm2 - with an improvement of 25% approximately regarding the tubes of best series 7000 currently available.

The profiles of the pipages of chassis EV4 have been specifically studied from the Unit Run in order to optimize the advantages in terms of weight and to maintain to remarkable levels of rigidity and duration.
The Structural Foam Injection , that it gives to greater resistance to the entire structure, the meticulous process of welding to TIG, than protegge the elements knit from injurious effects of oxidation, the Compact Steering System 11/8 ", famous slanted geometry Sloping, the treatment of Solubilizzazione and that anticorrosive of Fosfocromatazione, makes yes that chassis EV4 joins in himself lightness and stability, qualities that until today existed in nature but it was believed impossible to make to cohabit. White men have succeeded creating EV4, the chassis with the wings."

I didn't realize they were so racist in Italy.
so much I can't type, I see nmDog
Nov 2, 2001 1:57 PM
Pretty funny. It reminds me of my 30th birthday.Spinchick
Nov 2, 2001 3:33 PM
I bought myself a nice bottle of wine and a new stair climber (some assembly required). So I bring them home, take the stair climber out of the box and sort the little screws, bolts, nuts, etc. all over the room. I take one look at the directions and decide I need to open the bottle of wine to handle this job. Halfway through the bottle of wine, I actually LOOK at the directions (as opposed to just looking at the pictures) and find out they are only HALF english. The other half was some bizarre translation from Korean that made no sense at all. Funny thing, the next morning it made even less sense.
Nov 2, 2001 4:41 PM
In the early 90's I had a supercharged Toyota MR2. I bought a turbocharger kit to add (with cams, steel head gasket, exhaust, high energy ignition, timers, gauges, etc...) Got the kit directly from Japan. This kit had about 500 parts, and required a whole lot of replacing things, machining things, reseting cam timing, replacing head gasket, etc.

The instructions were about 5 pages of badly photocopied pictures and Japanese writing. It had a few words of really poor translation handwritten in, things like "install turbo." Duh. I'm amazed it ever worked, but then I did burn up 2 motors before getting it right.

Translation only works with a human brain involved that really understands both languages. Literal translations are pretty worthless. The computers won't replace us, yet.

gotta love those White men! :) nmmr_spin
Nov 2, 2001 3:33 PM
..and you thought they can't jump :) nmcyclopathic
Nov 2, 2001 4:37 PM
Meaning gotten lost in the translation??? <nm>VictorChan
Nov 2, 2001 3:51 PM