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Spinervals Videos: worth the $30?(4 posts)

Spinervals Videos: worth the $30?nigel
Nov 2, 2001 8:46 AM
Greetings all,

Since it's getting to be trainer time (or WAS--it's in the upper 60s today here in NYC!), I'm looking to get a workout video or two to supplement my TdF/Belgian Classics videos for indoor pedaling.

Anyone out there have the Spinervals videos? It seems kind of goofy to spend $30 plus shipping on a 45-minute video to me. Sure, one can "retake the class" as often as one likes, but $30 seems steep for a short video. (Maybe it's just that I'm unemployed--still--and don't have the cash I used to, but it still seems overpriced.)

Are they all that? Should I invest in the Suffer-O-Rama tape to get myself hurtin' when I need it? Anyone looking to sell their copies (or duplicate them for a fee)?

Big thanks, safe rides (be SEEN out there, okay?), and happy autumn,
re: Spinervals Videos: worth the $30?PaulCL
Nov 2, 2001 10:58 AM
Depends...can you stand spinning on your rollers/trainer for an hour?? Do you get a good workout?? My answer to both is no.

So I tried the Suffer-o-rama tape. Great workout. Kept my HR up there for the whole hour. Since then, I have purchased or received as gifts three other Spinerval videos. They are the only way I can stand getting on my rollers.

I don't think anyone will volunteer on a public forum to copy the tapes - there would be a copyright infringement problem. All we would need is a Spinerval's employee on this board to blow the whistle. Maybe Blockbuster has them for rent?? Will your LBS rent them out??
Thanks, Paul, and good points.nigel
Nov 2, 2001 2:04 PM
You're right: I'm not looking to really get on my trainer for more than an hour (and hour and a half at MOST), and usually I'm not terribly disciplined on them--when you have a coach (or spin-class leader), which I don't, you'll certainly ride harder for longer since you're motivated/encouraged.

I'll look into the S-o-R tape, and will maybe ask for it for Xmas (if I can wait that long for a really good indoor workout! If not, maybe I'll just suck up the expense.).

They work for me...JL
Nov 4, 2001 6:06 AM
I have 2: #1 (Original) & #7 (Uphill Grind). I used them last winter and they definitely helped me improve my riding this year. At least I stayed in some sort of biking shape early on. They don't make it as boring as just sitting and spinning, and the instructor keeps it fairly interesting.

Ask for them for Christmas. It's a cheap & free way to acquire them. If your a Performance Team member you can use the points to buy them too. They are a little expensive, like a lot of bike related equipment, but if you use it enough you'll probably get your money's worth.

Happy riding.