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Which is better(4 posts)

Which is bettercrackmunch
Nov 1, 2001 11:44 AM
I was looking at a Raleigh R700 that comes with complete ultegra setup. Or I was thinking about a Bianchi Daytona. The bianchi costs more. Is the group set better? The campy daytona better than the ultegra? I know the record and chorus are good but not sure where the daytona fits in there. Please help out a newbie. Thanks
hmmm...Js Haiku Shop
Nov 1, 2001 12:06 PM
no direct experience here with daytona versus ultegra, i'm riding 105 on two bikes and have never ridden campy, save for an old 70s bike with friction shifters. however, two years back when i was shopping for a new road bike (first new one to replace the old used cannondale), it came down to the raleigh r700 or the specialized allez sport a1.

riding both, the choice was clear--the specialized seemed of more quality manufacture. a small thing, certainly, but the decals on the raleigh were peeling off, it was awash in creeks and rattles (i'm sure it was a quality of shop build issue, that last one), and it felt unstable and very stiff during the ride. i got a fair deal on the specialized, which didn't come with pedals, but i chose it anyhow.

how does this related to bianchi, you ask? this march i bought a bianchi from, site unseen save for an electronic pic on his website. over the course of this year i've ridden both the bianchi and specialized an equal amount, and enjoy both. however, if i had the cash to go out today and buy a $2500 bike, i'd look at bianchi before specialized, and raleigh wouldn't even be in the running.

in all fairness, a couple of the guys i ride with in the local recreational (note: not racing, RECREATIONAL) club ride raleigh road bikes of recent build, and have had few complaints. however, they're not really cranking out the miles, nor are they aggressive on the bikes.

good luck!
re: Which is bettertarwheel
Nov 1, 2001 1:23 PM
Daytona is generally considered equivalent in quality and price to Ultegra. Whether you prefer Campy or Shimano generally comes down to personal preference or cost. Some people like the way Shimano shifts better, others Campy. I've got Ultegra on one bike and Campy Chorus on another. Both groups are excellent, but I prefer the Campy because it has 10 speeds rather than 9 and the shifting is a little more precise. In your case, I would get the bike that fits and feels better. Also, which bike looks better to you? A Celeste Bianchi looks awfully nice to me.
I had a R700.look271
Nov 1, 2001 2:57 PM
It was ok. I didn't buy it; it was a frame replacement deal-my old Raliegh frame snapped. I would not have gone out and bought the R700; it wasn't a bad ride for AL, but was not very stable and the bottom bracket was a bit flexy. Components would be a toss-up. Not having rode the Bianchi but having rode the Raliegh, I'd go with the Bianchi.