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Bike falling apart (just like my body)(11 posts)

Bike falling apart (just like my body)flybyvine
Nov 1, 2001 3:04 AM
After getting 3 flats last week (first this year), this morning I head out on a training ride. I notice a slight vibration about 5km form home that turns to a klunck - I then notice that my left crank is heading for the road !! Doing my best to tighten by hand I then head home on one leg.

An hour later I head in to work on my other bike, getting close to work I notice an other vibration (different from the last one), get into the office & find a busted spoke.

Is someone trying to tell me something - should I stay off the bike for a while ?
re: "Things fall apart..."Akirasho
Nov 1, 2001 5:44 AM
...the centre cannot hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world" (W.B. Yeats).

Or, in other words, $hit happens...

I think we've all had times when we've questioned our raison d'etre, but then common sense returns and we realize that the universe as a whole barely acknowledges our personal existance and we should merely try to hang on for the ride...

+++ Crank didn't fall off as you were honkin' up a steep grade causing a facial...

+++ Spoke didn't taco the wheel right in the middle of "Cracksville"...

+++ You're gonna ride anyway...

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: "Things fall apart..."xxx
Nov 1, 2001 7:42 AM
I don't want to remain in light anymore. I want to 'be the bike' again.

Dude, you are weird and your act is getting old. Change is good....why don't you try answering in 'olde english' phrases. (I'm guessing Sulu is your favorite, all time ever, character - with Spock a close 2nd).
Your headin for a time out ...powdahead....Rockhead/128
Nov 1, 2001 10:38 AM
re: "Things fall apart..."zzz
Nov 1, 2001 12:13 PM
LOL! You are right, anyone that owns a dozen cannondales has got to be a major weirdo.

Be the freak.
re: remain in lightguido
Nov 1, 2001 12:30 PM
That was a good post, Mr. Akirasho. The English have the expression, "Count your blessings," evangelicals extoll, "See the light!" A few of us, owing to the season of darkness, choose to withdraw, and that's a shame. One beats death by living. Cycling is a metaphor.
It's the GremlinsPaulCL
Nov 1, 2001 6:45 AM
I've been having a wave of mechanicals. This morning, my shifter wouldn't shift?? Why?? I'll figure it out tonight. Last Saturday, my brakes came loose. Before that, my cyclocomputer went wacko only to return to normal. I've have five or six rides in a row with mechanical problems - and I do keep my bike in good shape.

I have had a relatively trouble free riding year, so all the sh** is happening at once. Must be the gremlins, or a satanic possession or, yeah, its' Osaman..yeah, that's it!
Nov 1, 2001 8:46 AM
I know it doesn't appeal to some, but learning to turn a screw or two goes a long way toward preventing these things from happening on the road. It also goes a long way toward preventing a major catastrophe caused by something failing or coming loose when riding. You probably bring your car in for regular tune-ups - your bike which affords you much less protection, should also be checked.

I am not accusing you of this, but I feel that people that do not take care of their bike are unsafe for the rest of us riding behind them. If you were pacelining and not on your commute to work, your loose crank could have taken down a number of riders behind you. Something I am sure you wouldn't want the responsibility for. Cleaning your bike after or before a ride is a good place to start. This provides an up-close inspection of everything. It will help you notice things such as cracks in the frame, loose bolts, loose crank arms, etc.

I hope you don't take this as a lashing. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of things now and again. Lord knows I do! So does my girlfriend:-)
Nov 1, 2001 5:58 PM
Words that are well used here.

The bike with the crank had been stripped down only a month before for an annual rebuild. Both bikes get a one over every weekend (sometimes more thorough than others).

I put this down to "shit happens" more than "preventative maintenance"

Ironically, just before I noticed the crank, I was commenting to my riding partner how I should stop & have a look at the bike as I didn't want a pedal comming off in the hills we were heading to !!
nature of unrelated eventfishwheel
Nov 2, 2001 12:58 PM
Everyone who rides a lot, especially commuters, wil have their share of technical difficulties. It is strange how they tend to come in waves. Any one that uses random numbers or simulates random events knows that things do come in waves; anyone remember that exercise in grade school. I commute to work 5 days a week all year. I hadn't gotten a flat in 10 months then... Bam 3 in a week. And before anyone says rimstrips, or you didn't get the glass out etc. The roofing nail was pretty obvious, and I found a piece of glass, and my valve stem was leaking. 3 unrelated events that occurred in the same week. Although the probability of getting a flat any one day has probably been relatively constant.
It's a drag andwhen failures occur, we can minimize their occurrence, but we cannot stop them.
I'm a thorough believer in preventative maintenance, but when it comes to my commuter, I'm sort of like a catholic. I belive, but don't go to church every week( although a little more than x-mas and Easter).
Stuff Happensgrzy
Nov 2, 2001 2:18 PM
Doing your own regular maintenance will help prevent a lot of this type of stuff althouhg putting and end to broken spokes takes a bit of work. At the very least drop it at your LBS if you don't feel like getting dirty.