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Masi Soviet Team Commerative frame(9 posts)

Masi Soviet Team Commerative frameEuro Freddy
Oct 31, 2001 10:30 PM
Anybody out there have one of these? I'm looking into buying a 52 or 53 cm frame. Appreciate any opinions on what might be the value for one in decent condition.

re: Masi Soviet Team Commerative frameMCCL
Nov 1, 2001 7:22 AM
I currently have #98 which is now broke at the head tube, no fault of the bike. Value of a bike is in the beholder. There has to be a demand and a bike like this will be a collectors item. I have seen some of these units on E-Bay but don't remember what they got for them. They did have a collectors price attached for this bike is now 11 years old, if not older. Masi also made a Olympic Barcelona edition. 3 of them went out the door with Los Angeles spelled wrong. Also a Silver Edition was made all were done on the 3V, or in Russian, 3B tubes. This frame is still made today and you might get ahold of Masi at and see if they may know its value. This bike for a steel frame is very light. I was told that the top tube is lighter then Titanium. If your buying bikes for collecting this would be one to get. It has always stirred a good conversation where ever I take it. Good Luck MCCL
Thanks, I have.....Euro Freddy
Nov 1, 2001 8:17 AM
I have a new Barcelona frame not yet built up. I'll have to check the spelling to see if mine is one of the three. Thanks for reply, yes I am getting the frame as a collector.

-EF aka Masi Maven
Thanks, I have.....MCCL
Nov 1, 2001 11:57 AM
Masi will also restore your Russian. I have E-Mailed them in regards to mine. If I remember right, paint and decals were around 275.00 New tubes 150 each. So if your thinking of buying that one this may be an option. Mine is a 54cm. Bottom bracket on this bike is lower then normal so stand over height may be different from what your used to. I know my wifes 54 steel Pinarello does not fit me where as this Masi is just right. Good Luck. MCCL
Thanks, I have.....Euro Freddy
Nov 1, 2001 4:36 PM
I don't have a Russian yet - I'm thinking of getting one. Gonna get yours fixed or you going to sell it?

Thanks, I have.....MCCL
Nov 2, 2001 6:52 AM
Yes plan on it but haven't committed yet. Debating over what to get for a new bike. Pinarello is coming out with a limited ed. Zabel special. Green! Im not hooked on Green but have always been motivated by limited ed. It's the collector in me. Got cars in the Garage 1of6 and another 1of300. MCCL
Thanks, I have.....Euro Freddy
Nov 2, 2001 10:50 AM
I have heard that Masi made two runs of the Soviet frame, 100 x 3V Volumetricas and 100 x Gran Criteriums. Is that so? Which frame do you have?

By the way, my Barcelona frame is also a #98 (out of 200) -isn't that an interesting coincidence. It is a 56 cm 3V, as was the silver Diamond Jubilee which, in my opinion, is not decaled as nicely as the Barcelona and Soviet frames.

I glad you are considering restoring your Masi to its original brilliance. Bikes like these are very special. Yours may be a bit large for my requirements (this would be for my wife, who is also very special), but should you ever think about not following through with the restoration, do keep me in mind.

Meanwhile, as I am new to the web, can you or anybody else direct me to any other sites where I might be able to locate this frame for sale? Thank you for your help.

re: Masi Soviet Team Commerative frameMCCL
Nov 2, 2001 2:42 PM
Wow this seems like yesterday. I have dedicated a file on this bike. Stuff like the Soviet team who raced on it, the scuttle about drugs even have the deal on the jersey. When I bought mine I was working with composits. I was hesitant about ordering or buying a bike out of carbon. I liked the 3V which is what mine is but was looking at a Schwinn OMS at the time. It was also a steel fat tube bike. When I went back to my original bike dealer bud he just received the news on this Russian 3B and it was going to be limited to 100. I didn't even hesitate. He said he was going to get one also. I tried my hardest to get a very low # but I was not to get one. The excuse given was that they start out making one frame size in a run and 54 were not the first one out. So I asked to get it near the end. 98 was close. It would take 13 weeks to get this bike. The day I got it was real close to some century ride which also had a crit race after. Greg Lemond was to be at the race so I went and participated in the century and would see the race after. Some vendors where there and guess what? A bike shop brought down a Russian Masi. I had mine already. They wanted 500 dollars more then I paid so I was feeling pretty stoked. What transpired after would only be sheer luck. I ran into the Ambassador to the Russian team. She knew everything about this bike. In fact. One of the frames went out as Purple, #37. Her son received this unit. He did not like the Red and the Russians raced on Purple ones. Also a bit of info the Russians raced on Serrota's in the TT because Masi could not produce bikes fast enough. This was done in the Tour DeTrump. But to answer you question. Haven't heard or seen any other Russians Masi other then the 3B. One year in the Ride the ROckies tour there were three of us. Someone thought that part of the Russian team was there. I had a job offer cause someone thought I spoke English well. This bike has really been a part of my life and to let it go would be a sad day in hell for me. Like I say I have a file on this bike and things attached to it. I would say that I have a easy 30,000 miles on this bike and I have nothing but good things to say for it. But it's time for something new and lighter. I have visions of owning a resturant some day with bikes that will be either hanging or put into some kind of a picture frame enclosure. This will be the one in front. Where are you located? I am in California, Orange County. Size: This bike does not fit like a 54. I have a 29inch inseam and I am 5ft. 6in. The 54 was fitted to me on a fit kit. The bottom bracket on a 3V is lower then normal and I forget how Masi fits their bikes. What do you think of the Zabel Pinarello that I am considering? Will it become a collectors item? Good Luck MCCL
re: Masi Soviet Team Commerative frameEuro Freddy
Nov 4, 2001 3:24 PM
I love this kind of interesting stuff. But I could swear every photo I've seen of the Russian team had them riding red Masis. Masi did make a purple line in an attempt at marketing a completely built-up bike. It was fitted with Sachs new Success components, and to make it even more price-competitive, Sachs, PowerBar and a host of other advertisers billboarded these purple Masis' top tubes.

Yes, the Zabel Pinarello should be quite a collectable. Zabel's six-time Tour de France sprint points wins lock him, the bike, and the green jersey into cycling history. Actually, Zabel himself must ride about a 54 cm frame. I recall you mentioned your wife also owns a Pinarello. Should you get the Zabel, that leaves her three other Tour jerseys to pick from.

A good restaurant in Orange County with a bicycle decor would be a nice attraction; just make sure the food is good. I might suggest, however, you reserve the front location for a Modolo Kronos or a Cinelli Lazer, the Holy Grails of modern bike collections.

I live up north in Napa, CA, and write a column for the local cycling club's newsletter. It's full of esoteric yarns about European bike culture supported with preposterous material, hopefully humorous in content.

Is your Russian Masi only damaged at the head tube, or is the fork and downtube damaged as well?