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Help: training plan dilemma(2 posts)

Help: training plan dilemmaRojoRacer
Oct 31, 2001 9:46 PM
I'm currently developing my training plan for the months Nov 01 to April 02 - I live in Australia where the off-season is in summer :) The RR season starts around May.
So I'm working in approx 8 weeks of base work, before starting anaerobic workouts, etc, etc. The problem? I'm going on a vacation for about 4-5 weeks right at the end of the off-season: last week of April + most of May. (FYI- going to Peru to visit the Inca Trail !)

How do I cope with this in my training plan? Should I reconsider my goals and concentrate on the races mid to late in the season. OR should I start training a bit later? How does a break of this length affect my endurance, strength, anaerobic capabilities, etc? (assuming that I would not be on a bike at all during the vacation, and any exercise would be maybe 2 weeks of hiking).

Any advice or opinions ?

I'm currently at a fitness level, after finishing a metric double, where my aerobic system is at a "high" level, but anaerobic system is not so "high". I should mention that it will be my first RR season.
re: Help: training plan dilemmajagiger
Nov 1, 2001 8:40 AM
Yeah, you are in a bind. Last summer I was fretting over a lapse in training for my 1st Century by a short 4 day trip to Kansas City. On the KC trip I rented a mountain bike & got some miles in, but it wasn't anywhere near what I wanted initially. The other thing was the terrain was more difficult than I imaged. Beyond that I was also taking time away from tourist type things that I won't get to see again real soon, if ever.

A 4-5 week adventure is going to be alot tougher to pull off. My suggestion, since Peru is not an everyday thing is to concentrate on having a good time, hiking may help keep your cardo thing together but won't do much help for rr. I don't know about renting a bike in Peru but it'll most likely be considerable less bike than you are use to. I expect that renting would probably be packed with a lot more fustration than it worth, as I've mentioned.

Getting back to keeping a training schedule, the whole point is about shooting for attainable goals & keeping balance in your life. It's probably not what you what to hear but it sounds like something has to give. Personally, I'd opt taking on the adventure & exploring Peru to the fullest & worry about the rr until later.

Also, if you decide to lay off training completely, you should keep in mind that your fitness level begins to drop after 2 weeks of in-activity. I think takes a couple of weeks to recoup for each week missed (I saw it in Greg Lemonds book, but cann't remember stats exactly.)

Relax & enjoy your trip!! Don't eat too may guinea pigs!!!