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What do you do with spare time in the off season?(14 posts)

What do you do with spare time in the off season?Pack Meat
Oct 31, 2001 3:49 PM
I must spend a lot of time on my bike in the summer because once day light savings hits I notice I have tons of time on my hands. I'm already bored and the folks at the LBS are sick of me already. I need a life.

Any suggestions?

re: What do you do with spare time in the off season?look271
Oct 31, 2001 4:12 PM
Lift weights, join a gym, spend more time here, ski (if that's appropriate where you live),
It may sound cornyKerry Irons
Oct 31, 2001 4:51 PM
But how about you do some volunteer work for your bike club, or offer to teach a bike safety class for your local school or community college, or teach a bike maintenance course, etc. Help out the League of American Bicyclist, Adventure Cycling, or Rails to Trails. Lots of things to do, if you're willing to make a difference.
Ski, run & spinjagiger
Oct 31, 2001 4:56 PM
I'm back running as the weather is colder & days are shorter. I have an annual Turkey Day race that I shooting for. I've got to keep my streak in tack....I'm going for number 24 in a row (starting to add up). Beyond that I'll be heading back to the treadmill for good. To cut the boredom, I've usually got a pile of video tapes of college basketball games to watch (substitute addiction).

I'll also be doing some spinning on the trainer to maintain some b-fitness. I just got back to biking, having given up running for the summer. I did my first Century & I might do one next year...I'd like to be faster at any rate. If we get snow, it'll be off to do some x-country skiing. You gotta keep on movin'.
uh, isn't daylight savings time over?-nmfiltersweep
Oct 31, 2001 5:41 PM
Oct 31, 2001 5:55 PM
What "off season" and what "spare time"? Seriously.

Get a bunch of other activites going - crosss training as it were. Swim, surf, ski, run, snow shoe, climbing gym, split wood, and lift weights. Try yoga - it'll kick your butt and the scenery is great. Plus you'll get more flexible and stronger. I also use the time to wail on home improvement projects - it can be pretty fatiguing when you spend the day crawling in an attic, up and down ladders, and under a crawl space up to your elbows in spiders. Shoveling snow is a workout, but not on my "fun list" of things to do - right up there with riding the trainer, besides we keep our snow i the mtns. out here.. Then there's always massive dump runs - it took me two hours to unload a 16' x 8' x 4' trailer full of crap - even longer to load it. You can always ride a MTB through just about anything if you dress correctly.
Nov 1, 2001 6:52 AM
I second that... well some of it. Definately the Yoga! Oh, and snowshoeing is a lot of fun too.
Go shopping with the wifeMcAndrus
Oct 31, 2001 6:29 PM
Let's see .... instead of riding tonight I went shopping with my wife. Wow, there's like a whole different world out there!

Right now she's sitting on the couch watching television. Maybe I'll sign off here and go join her. Who knows, she may be interested in smoochin' or something. :-)
Ditto grzy, and I'm slowly building a mtb for this kid...128
Nov 1, 2001 6:56 AM
took up nordic skiing, which is really great after you get past the first few seasons of "why am I out here in the cold shuffling these skiis around...this stinks." And then it gets good....

Tae Bo!! (maybe) and light lifting...
Keystone opened last Friday!Lazy
Nov 1, 2001 8:49 AM
That means snowboarding/skiing season is officially upon us! Woo hoo!!!

Or, you could buy a lighting system. Maybe try out a cross race or two. Possibly a co-ed soccer league or some other form of sightly distraction (like yoga as Grzy mentioned).

There's lots out there.
Playstation 2Empirion75
Nov 1, 2001 8:50 AM
There is now a huge list of must have games for the PS2. Grand Theft Auto 3 is one of the greatest games I've ever played. Tony Hawk Proskater 3 was released yesterday. Next month will be big because Smackdown 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, and Baldur's Gate are all going to be coming out. X Box is a joke!
re: What do you do with spare time in the off season?Coluber
Nov 1, 2001 10:29 AM
pfft, who cares if it's cold and dark and wet... go riding anyway! I never see the light of day in the winter as I am in school from before it's light to well after it's dark every day, day in and day out, seriously... I counted up the hours and actually spend more time in the Boston University School for the Arts than I do at home during the week... so I go riding at nightand on weekends when I get desperate enough ;) Hehe, a bit o' snow never hurt anyone... so what if you can't tell what color my hybrid's frame is supposed to be afterward?
wow, you pack meat off season? your car must smell really bad!Js Haiku Shop
Nov 1, 2001 11:57 AM
seriously, though: the top ten things to do with your spare time in the off season, sent in from our headquarters in Bald Knob, Arkansas:

10) buy some lights and ride at night
9) get a trainer and ride anytime
8) ride mtb on weekends (short trail x12=epic ride)
7) hit the weights or gym
6) major yardwork or household projects
5) clean and lube your bike(2). again.
4) two words: paper route
3) drink lots, vomit, pass out. again.
2) bask in the glow of Burl Ives holiday records

and, the #1 thing to do with your spare time in the off season

1) lysol and febreeze that potted meat smell outta your car!
What's an off-season?Humma Hah
Nov 1, 2001 5:27 PM
I got me a good light, a good nighttime windbreaker, changed my riding habits a bit, but I'm riding about as much per week as I've averaged all year.