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Adidas Road shoes??(5 posts)

Adidas Road shoes??DAC
Oct 31, 2001 10:41 AM
In the latest Performance Bike catalogue, they have several specials on Adidas road shoes. Since my foot is fairly hard to fit, and Adidas sneakers almost always seem to fit my foot, I'm tempted to buy a pair. The problem is; I don't know whether they are well made, and nobody else knows anything about them.
Has anybody out there used them? Were they any good, or should I spend my $$ elsewhere?
re: Adidas Road shoes??Spokeman
Oct 31, 2001 11:18 AM
I've used them for nearly two years. My first pair were the Vuelta IIs and my second were Adistars. These top models were made in Germany and were super stiff. A bit heavy but very stiff. Plus, no adapters needed for any pedal system, other than Time.

That said, I quit using my Adistars late last year because my feet grew a bit wider (damn I HATE getting old) and the Adistars have a pretty narrow toe box.

I tried a pair of their new top line shoes (made in China) and was not impressed at all. Flexy sole, sloppy fit.

If you have narrow feet, they are a great shoe. I would only recommend the new models if they were really cheap and fit well.

Ebay has Adistars and Vuelta II shoes on there all the time.

I have a pair of size 11 Adistars (yellow) that I'll sell you for a song.

re: Adidas Road shoes??jkh
Oct 31, 2001 12:17 PM
I have a pair of 2001 Girano that I purchased from for $79.00 on sale. They are great shoes: good styling, good value for the money (at least at the sale price) and pretty good workmanship and stiffness. Also, I want to be a little bit different from other people who wears SIDI, Specialized ... etc.

Just like the other message, it is a bit tight at the toe. Therefore, I would recommend to buy 1/2 size bigger than what you normally wear.
Oct 31, 2001 12:53 PM
My feet are wide at the ball, and narrow at the heel.
Here's a suggestion;look271
Oct 31, 2001 1:23 PM
My feet are like yours; wide at the ball and narrow @ the heel. I just got a pair of Look ap376 from Supergo and they fit me like a glove, Light, stiff, and comfy, plus they're not Sidi's or Specialized. Might want to check it out. Paid $99; they're $200 shoes. A word of caution; they're EXTREMELY difficult to get on, but once they're on. they feel great. Here's the site: Not sure if they still have them.