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Hubs(4 posts)

Oct 31, 2001 6:33 AM
I am just starting to consider buying a better wheelset. One area that has me confused is hubs. In what areas are the better hubs superior? Is it rolling resistance, longevity, serviceability, weight, or what? Are Chris King's and the like worth the extra money?
Top line Shimano and Campy hubs are really nice.JS
Oct 31, 2001 8:13 AM
Dura-Ace and Record are very high quality, with aftermarket hubs your paying for lighter weight(not much in the case of Record), sealed bearings and cool factor. I have a few pairs of Hugi 240's that I got a really really good deal on that are super light and have proven to be bullet proof but I also have some shimano XTR's that are indestructible.
you gotta love the King clickmr_spin
Oct 31, 2001 8:14 AM
King hubs are great. If you have the cash, go for it. They do make an annoying clicking/winding sound that you'll have to get used to. But you can certainly identify them anywhere!

The best hub is the one that rolls the smoothest. That should be your first consideration.

Weight would probably come next.

Serviceability? That's not something to really worry about or pay too much more for. If you get a loose bearings hub, you'll service it once or maybe twice a year. I've never had sealed cartridge hubs, so I'm not sure what you do there, but I imagine they are much easier to work with. Still, how much is saving 30 minutes a year worth?
Which begs the question....McAndrus
Oct 31, 2001 8:29 AM
...which hubs are the smoothest? That is, at a given velocity, which hubs would roll the farthest once force is removed?

Does anyone know or can provide a site for the information?