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concern about bike weight???(8 posts)

concern about bike weight???zero1
Oct 31, 2001 4:52 AM
i am just a little curious...what is the big concern about bike weight...remember when u were kids and you would ride on a bike that would weigh as much as 30 lbs or more and u would ride all day without even thinking about it..i have a colnago mxl that weighs 19 1/2 lbs but rides like it weighs a lot less...i would not think about changing it because another bike weighs 17 1/2 me it is the rider and not the bike...if u enjoy riding just ride...remember we are adults on kid's toys....ride safe
I think that...PsyDoc
Oct 31, 2001 5:24 AM
...for non-racers, the weight of a bike is not really all that important. The concern that non-racers have about bike weight could stem from something similar to "keep'n up with the Jones'." If you have the lightest bike in a club, then there is a certain amount of bragging rights or a sense of importance that goes along with it. This is particularly true if the person has a light bike and is a strong rider. But, for those who race, the difference between a 16 pound bike and a 17 pound bike would, most likely, impact their performance.
re: the instant of accelerationdzrider
Oct 31, 2001 5:46 AM
I don't know how much my bike weighs. I ride it because it fits well and is extraordinarily comfortable. In test riding bikes before I bought I tried some very light bikes. When I got off the seat and drove a pedal down on light, stiff bikes they shot forward like they wanted to get out from under me. I found that sensation exhilirating and almost seductive. I imagine that some folks who don't race love that sensation and are willing to pay in money or comfort to get it.
Just for mb2 I will try to be more specific..John-d
Oct 31, 2001 6:34 AM
You probably do not have a Colnago bike but a Colnago frame fitted out to make a rideable bike using a range of other manufacturer's equipment.

For one sum of money this frame can build up to 19.5 lbs. For a great deal more using lighter wheels, gear set, cranks, Ti screws for holding on the bottle cage etc. you can build up the frame into a 17.5 lb bike.

The main point is and you are quite right here, both will ride like a dream, the end point is whatever turns you on, racing or cruising.
pick twobigrider
Oct 31, 2001 11:22 AM
Weight Cost Durability

The way I see it you can only get two. I picked cost and durability. I can't see paying an extra thousand dollars for a pound and a half of weight savings when i don't race and get paid to ride. Also, I ride 36 3x spoked wheels to support my large weight. Light doesn't last as well. I don't have sponsors giving me stuff so i pick ultegra stuff and solid wheels. If you don't race ride a 18+ pound bike and use the extra cash to splurge on other stuff
And to some peopleMel Erickson
Oct 31, 2001 6:35 AM
it's just their hobby. They enjoy the challenge of balancing weight, cost and durability. Nothing wrong with that.
re: concern about bike weight???brider
Oct 31, 2001 8:29 AM
In my bike club (racers all), I was always amused after a particularly hilly ride (we have one called the "Death Ride" that has about 5000 feet of climbing in 65 miles -- my contribution to the club repetoire), guys would come up to me to heft my bike. I was a pretty strong hill climber (couple of state hillclimb TT titles), but I rode (and still ride) a Ti Softride with standard Ultegra. It's not the lightest bike by any stretch, and I train on 36 straight gage spoke wheels with some fairly heavy tires, and large water bottles (2). It's like in order to be a good climber, you've gotta have the lightest bike. I laughed every time.
re: concern about bike weight???novice
Oct 31, 2001 11:44 AM
Light bikes are fun. They are easy to throw around, and if it is also stiff it will accelerate like mad. I have a 17 to 17.5 pound giant tcr team that i got fo about a grand. It has full ultegra, the wheels are ultegra hubs laced three cross to open pros. Nothing crazy light or expensive on it except for the ct2 seatpost, which takes most vibrations out of the ride of the frame. Oh, and the lightness helps because I am just getting in shape again and i suck, so it helps me keep up to the guys that have been doing this for a while.