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Ciocc Mockba(4 posts)

Ciocc Mockbamorey
Oct 30, 2001 5:35 AM
I have a 1984 Ciocc Mockba, with Campy record (6spd), Mavic Gel 280 wheels. This is still one nice ride. I am going to retire this bike. This was my first serious ride. I loved it. Has anyone had any experience with this bike?
re: Ciocc MockbaDMoore
Oct 30, 2001 7:55 AM
I bought mine brand new in the summer of '84, just a few weeks before the LA Olympics. Candy apple red, with full Campy Record NR/SR components. It was my first new high performance bike, as my previous ride had been a well-used Raleigh Pro. Over the next few years I upgraded it with the latest and greatest - first I went to seven speed Ultra cogs, and then the original 6 speed Dura Ace SIS shifting system. Dia Compe aero brake levers were an early addition. My bike had the first set of Look pedals in town, and eventually I tossed the sewup wheels and replaced them with Mavic Open 4 CDs when the Avocet treadless clinchers became popular. It was my only bike until '92, when I got a brand new Medici with the then brand new Ergo Record 8 speed system.

A couple of years ago I dug out the Ciocc, and restored it (almost) to like new condition. I kept all the original parts except the sewup rims, so the bike is now "correct" except for the rims and tires. I even kept an old pair of cleated Brancale shoes just in case. I don't get out on it much, but every time I ride it I'm impressed with the smooth ride and stable handling. I rode a lot of miles on that bike but it still feels new. The only problem with it is that I don't ride it enough to avoid being clumsy with the toeclips at traffic lights. I haven't fallen over, but there have been a couple of close calls.
re: Ciocc MockbaPatrick
Oct 30, 2001 10:10 AM
morey, there is definitely a place in the heart of Ciocc owenrs for these bikes. My Ciocc was the PDM racing bike when they rode Concordes. Columbus SLX with Campy Syncro first generation (yeah, the stuff that didn't really work - but still Campy). You had the option of switching between having the syncro shift on or off. It eventually was in the off position all the time. The rest of the bike was Cinelli bar & stem, Time pedals, Mavic GP4 rims if memory serves (Mavic GEL 280's with Vittoria slick tubulars for racing) and Concor saddle (would love to have one of those saddles again).

This was my third bike since I started racing. My first was a very low end Univega. The second was a Saronni (named for Guissepi Saronni) which I had in lay-a-way for what seemed to be forever. Man did I think that bike was sweet. Then I got the Ciocc as a gift from my dad, also an avid bicyclist, racer, referee, etc. I was in my younger 20's when I got this bike and kept it for years after I stopped racing.

I lived in St. Louis at the time and there was only one other bike like mine in the city, and the owner didn't race. When I showed up at races that bike really got looks and comments. I eventually moved to Chicago with my wife. We were out riding on a Saturday afternoon. Locked up my Ciocc and her brand new Gary Fisher. Someone felt that these bikes would be better loved and cared for by others. I now ride a Bianchi Boron steel, but still would love to have that Ciocc.
re: Ciocc Mockbamorey
Oct 30, 2001 11:25 AM
My bike was gray, what was called Pro-Record Campy equipment,Mavic GP-4 tubular wheels (I also had a set of Mavic GEL-280 tubulars), Concor seat. This bike is still like new. In fact, in a Century I would prefer this bike.
I have had this bike for 17+ years, and still love it. I understand CIOCC still builds bikes.