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ride advice for Cumberland, MD (or I-68)(4 posts)

ride advice for Cumberland, MD (or I-68)Duane Gran
Oct 30, 2001 4:16 AM
I will be driving to Indiana to visit family this week. Routinely I drive along I-68 because the scenery is very beautiful with plenty of mountains. Every time I drive this way I swear that next time I'll stop off somewhere and go riding in the mountains.

Well... this is next time, but I'm not sure exactly where to stop. From my memory the area of Cumberland Maryland was very good. I'm curious if anyone from this area, or living around I-68 can offer up a suggestion.

I'm something of a mountain freak, so the harder the climb the more happy I am. Long climbs are preferable to steep and short, but long and steep is my cup of tea. For that matter, if you are reading along and know of a great climb in your area, feel free to mention it. I'm building a list of climbs in the US that I want to do eventually.
Get yer hills right here!MB1
Oct 30, 2001 6:27 AM
We did a few rides from Deep Creek, MD and Meyersdale, PA in September. They are just west of Cumberland off of 68-nothing but climbing. How many miles are you looking to ride?

BTW about where do you live?
Get yer hills right here!Duane Gran
Oct 30, 2001 6:41 AM
I'm looking to ride about 40 miles. Since my drive from DC is about 10 hours I have to limit my riding time a little. I looked for Deep Creek on, but it couldn't find it. In general it would be really cool to see maps of areas that shows elevation. I will probably just pull off a little after Cumberland and make an adventure of it.

I live about 2 miles north of Georgetown in DC.
Hmmmm.....We live on Reservoir Road.MB1
Oct 30, 2001 7:29 AM
We have a route from Meyersdale,PA to Mount Davis the highest point in PA that should be around 40-50 miles round trip. Meyersdale is maybe 10 miles off 68 on PA219. I'll look around for the route.

Do you ever ride with Chuck & Crista-if you like climbing they are who you want to hook up with.