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The wheel saga, solved(3 posts)

The wheel saga, solvedElefantino
Oct 29, 2001 3:14 PM
So I go to the LBS and show them my cracked nipple and spaghetti-like spoke on my Vector front wheel and wonder if the wheel is OK. Turns out the wheel is fine, and ten bucks later it's as good as new.

Meanwhile, a new pair of blue Vector Comps is hanging above the cash register and I mention that I'd love to be able to afford them for my newly rebuilt and repainted OCLV. One of the wrenches says he has an almost-new pair that he wants to sell off his Trek, so he can get some money to buy the ingredients to build his own wheels. How much? I ask. Two hundred, he says.


Anyone want to buy a really good pair of Vectors?
Day late and a dollar short....DINOSAUR
Oct 30, 2001 10:41 AM
I just replaced my cracked rear red Rolf Vector Comp. The only VC's Trek has in stock are blue. So my rims are different colors. My second choice was to go with a new blue wheelset for around $300.00. I couldn't see spending that much money just so my bike would be color perfect.
The old Trek/Rolf era rims are drying up as Trek dropped Rolf and went with Bontrager. Later I found out that my LBS had just had a killer deal on Mavic Open Pro's/Dura Ace wheelsets for $199.00. Too bad my wheel hadn't of failed a couple of weeks earlier. Enjoy your Rolf wheels now as they will soon be obsolete. I saw a lot of deals on Ebay for Rolf wheels. Funny how stuff that is three years old is already difficult to replace.
Oct 30, 2001 9:16 PM
Hey, there. If you're serious, I'd be interested. E-mail me at

BTW, I didn't hear the beginning of the story. Don't tell me you blew a wheel on a trainer?

How's the rehab coming?