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Roller Derby madness(2 posts)

Roller Derby madnessBrooks
Oct 29, 2001 3:04 PM
After reading the roller threads of the past few weeks, I anticipated the arrival of my Performance Pro Technique rollers last Friday. Boy, do I have a heightened appreciation for folks who can ride rollers for a length of time! Set it up in the doorway as advised so I could bend elbows out to the door frame as I moved back and forth. The description about riding on a sheet of smooth ice is very apt. I am slowing adding time to the workout. Started with five minutes, then ten, and fifteen on Sunday. Fortunately we had Indian summer weather (70+) over the weekend to get in some decent road riding. Intense concentration on the rollers, I can't see how anyone can ride no hands or out of saddle. Just shifting hand position can get you over the side. No mishaps for me, but I'm staying planted in the door frame for awhile. Thanks for all the great advice!

re: Roller Derby madnessCT1
Oct 29, 2001 5:20 PM
'No hands' is not difficult on rollers..... just gotta keep the speed up. Anything less than 20? MPH might be difficult with 'no hands'. Try it at 25+ MPH and see how it feels..... I bet you will surprise yourself.

good luck and have fun on dem rollers.