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Men's Health-related (Spin Chick...look away!)(2 posts)

Men's Health-related (Spin Chick...look away!)bear1
Oct 29, 2001 1:44 PM
I had a vasectomy in 1994. Since then, I have had a few complications, one of which is swollen tubes / vas deferens, which some internet sites / doctors refer to as epididymitis. I am beginning to think some of the pain/swelling I experience may be related to cycling / saddle pressure etc.

Has anybody else out there had any similar experiences?
Apparently fairly common...cory
Oct 29, 2001 1:55 PM
In Ken Kesey's immortal line, one of my things was the size of a softball...but the other was large enough to be considered normal.
No, actually I had no problems personally. But I was a health writer for a newspaper at the time, so I did a couple of stories on the procedure before I had it. That was a side effect a few people mentioned, and it did seem to respond to pressure or trauma (not getting whacked, just the ordinary insult of things like bike seats and even tight shorts). Before you see your doctor, you might try switching saddles or taking a few days off the bike. Even changing from jockeys to boxers (or the other way around) might be worth a shot.